20 Bar & Restaurant Promotions For April

Here's Just A Few Profitable Promotions You'll Discover To Attract & Retain New Paying Customers:
  • Fun At Work Promotion: How to throw an amazing party for your staff to appreciate their efforts that also brings in all your loyal customers on the slowest night of the week!  Page 7
  • No House Work Promotion: One of the easiest E-mail and social media promotions you can do to get customers eating at your bar or restaurant vs staying home! Page 8
  • Tax Party Promotion: How to get accountants to book group parties for their staff and clients for a year end tax party! Page 9

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Meet The Author:

Nick Fosberg is the CEO & Founder of Bar Restaurant Success. He's responsible for creating some of the highest grossing promotions for owners and operators around the world and author of the #1 selling book on how to attract new customers at a profit.

Nick has spoken for Jon Taffer, National Restaurant Association, Nightclub & Bar and many other organizations at their biggest industry events. 

Nick isn't a "internet guru" who teaches marketing. He actual lives the life of an owner every day. He's grown up in the business his whole life and has owned his own bar/restaurants in the Chicagoland area for the last 8 years.

What Others Are Saying.....

Tim Paasch

“The first promotion I implemented of Nicks, we ran out of food. That's how busy we got. This is one of the best resources for finding out of the box promotions for getting new customers in your doors. 

Mike Martinez

“Hands down, best resource for NEW money making promotions. These promo magazines definitely make your life easier for coming up with new promotions your customers will love!”

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