By Nick Fosberg   |   June 7, 2014

Bar Promotions for June

In a recent video I just launched, I discussed 2 profitable bar restaurant promotions to increase sales and profits in June.

Now I’m going to give you four more ideas to make you stand out from the competition and get new customers walking your bar.

These bar restaurant promotions don’t have to be big huge bar promotions. They can be real simple promotional ideas that you can promote in-house, through social media, to your list of customers through direct mail, email, and even by texting.

The big idea here is to keep things NEW and FRESH at your bar or restaurant. To run DIFFERENT promotional ideas that make you STAND OUT from your competition.

So let’s dive into 4 fun & profitable bar restaurant promotions you can run this month.

June 8th is Name Your Poison Day

You could run a “you call it” promotion where they pick what they want for $3 or $4 or whatever price you want to come up with. I’ve done this myself in the past and have seen many of my clients do a $3 You Call It Day.

If you don’t want to run a special like this week after week, the “Pick Your Poison Day” is a perfect day to test it out.

June 10th is National Ice Tea Day

What could we do with this?? Yes! Run a special on Long Islands. Get a few different flavored recipes! Instead of using pop as a mixer, change it up to a strawberry mix, or use cranberry, use lemonade, etc, etc.

You could easily come up with 4-5 different types of Long Islands.

June 15th is Father’s Day

What better day to hit the bar with your Dad and have a few cold ones and some wings? Run a promotion where Dad eats free when he comes in with his son or daughter. Dad gets 25% off on tab.

Partner with other business in your area that can provide value to Dad while at the same time getting more brand exposure for their business. For example, contact a local golf shop and see if they have any offers they’d like to make to dads to get them in the door. Maybe a free sleeve of golf balls?

So when Dad comes to your bar to eat they also get a free sleeve of balls to your partner’s business. When Dad walks in to your partner’s business for the balls, he’ll probably buy something else in the store.

June 18th is National Splurge Day!

Here’s the perfect promotion to make people feel OK with eating and drinking whatever the hell they want!!

Run specials on your fried foods! 2-for-1 deals. 20% off. Buy 2 meals get an appetizer free!

Here’s an email idea that you can use. For the subject line I’d use

“Why You Have An Excuse To Eat Anything You Want On June 18th!”


“First Name, I’ve Got An Excuse For You!”

These headlines draw curiosity. That’s what you want. You want your prospect or customer to read your headline and say “I gotta find out more!”

Within the copy of the email I’d say….

First name….

I’m not sure if you’re like me or half the staff at “name of bar” but we’re always watching what we eat. We try to be healthy. Not all the time, but occasionally.

If you eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and you just don’t care….Then I commend you for that lol!! That’s great!

Either way I have a special offer for you! June 18th is National Splurge Day! YEP.. That means you have every excuse you need to eat whatever the hell you want and as much as you want!

Come in on the 18th, buy any full priced meal and get any appetizer for free up to a “$$$” value.

All you need to do is print off this email or show it to your server in order to get the free appetizer!


It’s simple little things like this that keep you in contact with your list of customers and that provides value to your customers. It helps build a stronger relationship with your customer which is critical in today’s world.

Are you going to make thousands of extra dollars in this one day? Probably not. But sending out short, simple, thoughtful, and engaging emails to your customers on a on going basis will up the LIFETIME VALUE of that customer which is where the REAL money is made in this business.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave your reply below.

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