By Nick Fosberg   |   April 11, 2013

Today I’m going to cover rule number 6 to effective ads and promotions. If I were you, I’d look back at the prior episodes and even print out the transcript of the video’s so you can have them by your desk as a reference. This will help you save marketing dollars and increase your overall profits.

So lets gets started. Rule number 6 is You Must Follow Up With Customers! Right now I want to take a step back real quick and look at the overall picture. We spent money marketing a great offer to new prospects and now we have 10-20-30 maybe even 50 new customers walking in our doors. What does this tell us about these people who are walking in our doors from our marketing?
The most important is, it tells us these people go to bars right? Well wouldn’t it be nice if you can ONLY market to people who go to bars? Wouldn’t this save you a shit load of money NOT marketing to people who would never consider stepping foot into your doors?

For every person that walks in your door, it is your ultimate goal to be able to send them another offer and get them back. You must follow up with them after their first visit and get them back in within 14 days. You want them to become comfortable with your bar and your staff. This is how you turn new customers into loyal regulars. It’s all about repetition. Once you catch them, don’t let them go!
If you saw a guy spend $200 at your bar and you’ve never seen him before, my guess is you would introduce yourself, and thank him. You’d want to become his friend. You’d tell him that anytime he came you, you’d take care of him right? You’d want him to come back over and over right? Well this is what you want to do with EVERYONE no matter how much they spend.

So how do you do this? If they are coming in from a targeted mailing, which is the ONLY way I consider targeting brand new customers, you can grab their mailing address again from the postcard or letter they brought in and send them another offer this way. Or the best way is to have a incentive or loyalty program set up and when a new customer comes in, you get them to sign up to your program.
If they sign up to your program, this is showing commitment from them, but it’s also showing you they like you, trust you, and WANT to get more offers from you. Now these are the most profitable people to market to on the planet because they are telling you to send them more offers. They WANT to hear from you!

So your ultimate goal when marketing is to target the perfect prospect, get them into your doors, and then follow up with them with a few more offers to turn them into a loyal regular!
Here’s the key to getting people to respond to your offers or getting them to respond several times to your marketing. In your marketing, you must use strong sales copy or what I like to call reason “why copy.”
Instead of saying 1/2 price lunch or buy a dinner and get a appetizer free, you need to sell them and persuade them on WHY they should take you up on your offer. You need to hit the mental triggers in their head and make them say “You know what, this guy’s right, I should take him up on his offer!”

Here’s a quick example of what I mean. Lets say we are giving away a free meal to get a new customer in the door. My headline would be “5 Reasons Why You Should Take Me Up On My Free Meal Offer” Then I’d go in and introduce myself and why I’m contacting them. Then I’d give them the 5 reasons they should take me up on my offer in nice bullet points so they are easy to read. The goal to effective copy is to get your prospect to agree with you that your offer is a solution or benefit to them in some way.

Some people hate to cook, some hate eating frozen dinners every night, some hate doing the dishes, some like to get off of work and sit back, have a cold beer, and be served. When you get into the minds of your prospects and how they fell, your profits soar.

If you want to explode your marketing results and get 25-50 new customers in your doors month after month, it all starts with a irresistible offer and strong sales copy that gets them to take action.
Next week I will talk about Rule number 7 which is Your Marketing Will Look Different From Every Other Bar Owner In Your Area.

Before I go, if you are tired of spending money on marketing because you don’t see any results from it, contact me. I can walk you through a simple step by step plan to get new customers in your doors using low cost marketing strategies and then how to turn them into loyal regulars.

Nick Fosberg

Nick Fosberg is known as one of the highest paid, marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and he owns 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business..... without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & Facebook posts. 

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