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“This should be a book that every owner or operator owns and devours. In my 20 plus years in the hospitality industry, I have yet to read anything like this. I got value on just about every page and couldn't stop reading!”

James Henderson,  Former Director Of Operations TGI Fridays & Former Vice President of Human Resources for Rafferty’s Restaurants


Who Is The Book For?

Any bar or restaurant owner who:

  • Wants a easier, faster, less riskier way to increase sales and attract new customer without risking advertising dollars.
  • Wants multiple ways to leverage their time and systematize their business so they can spend more time with family and friends.
  • Wants a simple step-by-step guide to hand to their managers to help increase sales and get new customers in the door.
  • Wants any advantage they can get over their competition.

Any manager, server, or bartender who:

  • Has a passion for marketing and promotions and wants to take their income to the next level by helping their owners build their business with proven, time tested marketing strategies.
  • Eventually sees themselves opening up their own bar or restaurant in the near future and wants a proven formula for building and scaling the business in a way where their brand stands out from the competition.
  • Knows deep down the place of business they work at could be much busier, if only the owners had a better knowledge of marketing & promotions that actually work.
Dan HartOwner Hart’s Saloon

If only I had this book last year. I paid Nick $10k to learn this stuff, and YOU Get It Free!

Russell DemarianoOwner The Brahmin - Boston MA

There’s no other resource available that’s as good as this when it comes to growing your sales with marketing and promotions. My manager is implementing these strategies as we speak!

Pam WilliamsOwner Shot Spot Pub

The first 17 pages has already been worth thousands of dollars to me. Thank you!

Inside This Free Book, Here’s A Few Secrets
That You’ll Discover...

  • The number one reason owners see zero results from social media marketing and the one simple tweak to fix it.
  • How to ONLY advertise to people in your area who are BUYING beer, wine, liquor, and meals at other bars and restaurants on their credit cards - can you think of the ROI you’d get targeting ONLY these types of people with offers to your business.
  • ​How Lena added 20 daily loyal customers to her business in just 60 days using one marketing strategy that cost very little to use. (Every bar and restaurant owner should be using this one strategy, but most are unaware of what it is)
  • ​The secret to knowing exactly what type of marketing media you should use when kicking off a new promotion in order to get the greatest return on your marketing dollars.
  • ​How a high end steakhouse in Houston, TX made almost $60,000 in sales and got over 2,000 brand new customers in the door with one promotion using Facebook and e-mail.
  • ​The little known secret a restaurant owner in a town of 14,000 in Minnesota used to generate nearly $30,000 in sales from only using his e-mail list (If this works for small town restaurant owners, it will work for anyone).
  • ​The one key element that determines if your marketing campaign is going to be a success or failure.
  • ​The best offers to make to get new customers in your doors & the worst offers to make (Based on 6 years of testing different offers. This is your shortcut to eliminating trial and error).
  • ​The 5 key ingredients you need in every ad to get the highest ROI on your marketing dollars - If you leave one of these out, you’re marketing efforts can be a total loss.
  • ​When you should and shouldn’t discount and the myths about discounting that the “restaurant and bar” guru’s are totally wrong about!
  • ​How to build instant trust and relationship with new customers who have never walked into your doors and how to win them over before they ever decide to go to your competition.
  • ​The birthday marketing strategy Nick uses that gets 98.7% of his customers and client's customers opening his birthday gift! (Total game changer right here! Those typical birthday mailers and e-mails you see everyone doing are a thing of the past - discover what’s new and sets you apart from the competition.)
  • ​The “A or B” marketing campaign that gives you a 98% or higher success rate on creating your next big money promotion - By doing this, it almost eliminates any risk to your new promotion failing.
  • ​The most profitable promotional strategy Nick implements at least 4 times a year to get new customers in the door and existing customers visiting more often.
  • ​How Nick and his clients give away $10,000 as a cash prize with absolutely zero money coming out of their pocket - How many people do you think would walk in your doors if they knew they had a chance to win 10k?
  • ​Get Nick’s 3 business blueprints you can follow to add $50,000 in sales to your business in just 12 months - Discover the secret to applying all 3 blueprints at the same time, with no extra work or investment!
  • The $85 marketing campaign that can easily bring you well over $1,000 in sales if your ticket average is at least $15.

"The 2nd promotion Nick helped me with generated a little over $30,000 in sales just from e-mail. First promotion $6,000. Total spent on advertising for both - $400. After you read this book, you’ll easily be able to put both promotions to work for you without paying the $10k I paid Nick to get these results!"

— Matt Woelfel Ground Round Restaurant, Waconia, MN

Get your copy of BAR & RESTAURANT SUCCESS right now and pay only $5.95 shipping & handling...

Learn How To Attract New Customers,Turn Them Into Raving Fans, & Become Unbeatable In Any Market!

(Pay only $5.95 shipping & handling)

"From Nick's personal experience, his insight into the industry, not only provides today's operators with an informative analysis on the ever changing consumer loyalty relationship, but has also developed a proven solution in navigating and fusing the old world traditions of the hospitality industry with today's ever changing technology driven consumer. Bar Restaurant Success is a must read for any operator looking to stay ahead of the curve in securing and building customer loyalty for long term success."

— James Moreland, a New York based bar lifestyle, trade & industry expert

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Adam Jankowski

Owner Of AJ’s Bar & Grill Muskego, WI

"I’m not much of a reader, but I couldn’t put this book down! Not only does it give you the easiest road to follow to increase sales, but it lights a spark in you to be even more successful. Very motivational."

So You Might Be Wondering…

If this book is so good, why is Nick just giving it away for FREE?

Here’s A Few Reasons:

  1. I believe that the more you give, the more you receive. I believe that when you read this book and get  massive value from it, it should get you excited for other products and services I launch in the future.
  2. It’s my way of saying “Thank You” to being a subscriber to Bar Restaurant Success Magazine & Bar Restaurant Success's weekly blog.

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