By Nick Fosberg   |   October 12, 2016

Here’s another recent case study about one of Bar Restaurant Success’s clients who ran a restaurant e-mail marketing promotion and netted a little over $30,000 in sales, in a town of only 13,000 people. The article below was written by a journalist, which we’ve taken and added to our blog to share the success story.

“Insider” Restaurant E-mail Marketing
Promotion Brings in 1,554 New Customers in Just 2 Weeks.

One Struggling Restaurant Owner Reveals the Easily Applied System He Used to More Than Triple Profit Within Days (and During the Off-Season).

Strong sales typically aren’t a problem when a bar or restaurant first opens – customers are naturally curious and want to try the “new place” in town. After the novelty wears off, though, restaurants often see a sharp decline in customer traffic – and with it, an alarming decrease in sales and profits.

That’s exactly what happened to Ground Round Grill and Bar in Waconia, Minnesota. Because Waconia – a suburban town about 30 miles west of Minneapolis – is home to only about 13,000 residents, being the new restaurant in town was easy money. “Getting new customers is not an issue [during] the first year,” said Matt Woelfel, owner of Ground Round.

“After The First Year,
Things Really Dropped Off”

“But after the first year, things really dropped off,” he continued. Matt found himself spending more and more on marketing each month while watching sales continue to decline. “It just seemed like I was writing checks, and the sales weren’t representative of the money I was spending.”

Matt became convinced that he needed a new strategy to keep business from continuing to decline. He envisioned returning the restaurant to its initial sales volume so that he could continue employing his staff and making a profit.

A Lesson in Going Face to Face with the Struggle of Outdated Restaurant Marketing

Already a 25-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Matt turned to the marketing techniques he knew best first.

Print advertisements stopped working in that first year. Radio quickly become a waste of money.

He turned to social media promotions. Searching for shares and likes on news feeds. Ad spend numbers were abysmal.

Something drastic had to happen before Matt’s restaurant became another statistic in the long line of establishments that don’t survive.

And Then One Restaurant Consultant’s Advice Turned Every $1 in Ad Spend into $15 of Profit

Not a moment too soon, Matt found Nick Fosberg online.

The owner of two bars in Rockford, IL, President of Bar Restaurant Success, Author, and Marketing Consultant, Nick shared a system with Matt he could use to practically automate profit by putting automated “lead” capture and follow up marketing systems in place.

Instead of spending thousands on poorly targeted advertisements, Nick explained how to find and target customers that were most likely to visit.

Instead of pouring money into mass media marketing, Nick showed Matt how to target customers based on “purchase behavior” Where he could target customers with offers who were buying beer, wine, liquor and meals at other bars and restaurants in the area.

Nick explained “Go after the people who you know are buying what is is you are selling. That’s the simple formula to positive ROI on your marketing dollars!”

When Matt learned how to do this, he turned $400 into $6,000 in sales—taking $1 and turning it into $15 he didn’t have before, over and over.

Here’s the System that
Saved His Restaurant:

The system that turned around Ground Round in Waconia, Minnesota was simple in its brilliance. Absolutely any bar or restaurant owner can copy the Ground Round case study and apply it in their business.

You start with the Bar Restaurant Success Blueprint Nick Fosberg uses at his own businesses and teaches at events around the country—customer attraction is targeted and automated.

Next, Nick showed Matt how to collect and showcase customer feedback. 

According to Matt, people now “feel like they know me, even if they don’t,” and a small town sense of community togetherness keeps regulars constantly coming through the door.

Finally, Nick helped Matt build a referral system, encouraging new customers to bring friends with them. The results were incredible and immediate…

518 New Customers, Each Bringing 2-3 Friends. Only $400 Spent on Advertising.

In just the first two weeks of implementing Nick’s system, Matt was able to bring in 518 new customers who acted on his advertising. Each with 2-3 friends for a total of 1,554 customers or 450+ total tables of new business.

The second promotion Nick ran for Matt was a restaurant e-mail marketing promotion to book parties and events. This one restaurant marketing e-mail campaign brought over $30,000 in sales with zero marketing expenses.

In less than a year after putting Nick’s system in place, Matt saw customer traffic and sales return t0 near “grand opening” levels, proving his marketing methods are not only effective but also sustainable.

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