Cinco De Mayo Teacher Bash

By Nick FosbergMay 192024

This article / video was posted in 2015 and National Teachers’ Day changes each year.

Today, we are going to talk about how to make your Cinco de Mayo party a bigger success by including school teachers!

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, a Spanish holiday, but it’s also considered to be National Teachers’ day as well. Over the last few years, we’ve tried throwing Cinco de Mayo parties with Corona’s, Modelo, Dos Equis on special and then running some taco and quesadilla specials but never found much success with it.

So this year, I thought why not pair this with National Teachers’ Day. Here’s what we’re doing. We are not promoting a Cinco de Mayo party but we’re promoting a Teachers’ Bash and through the marketing messages, we are using Cinco de Mayo as another reason to let loose / have some fun.

The way the promotion will work is we are doing 25% off tabs for teachers that come in and the first 50 in the door have a chance to win some prizes! What do you think the prizes are going to be? School supplies of course! We will have specials on margaritas, Corona’s, Mexican dishes as well to tie in the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

Usually, I never do a 25% off discount. But when I’m targeting a certain demographic with a specific promotion, I do a little higher discount to make those feel special and stand out from everyone else.

The way that I will promote this is obviously to my customer list through e-mail / text / website / and social media, but I will also use Facebook ads to target teachers in general. This way the money I’m spending on marketing is ONLY showing up in front of my target market.

The other thing I’m doing is having my staff reach out to any teachers they know in our area regarding the event and seeing if they’d like to help spread the word. If they can help us bring in 10 teachers, we are going to give that person a $20 gift card that can only be used on another day of the week, not the day of the promotion.

Nick Fosberg

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  1. Great Idea!!! We are doing a Cinco de Mayo WowOH! night this Tuesday, at our Club, Scores, in Mooresville, NC (we’re an upper end Gentlemen’s Club/licensee of Scores Corporate out of NYC )…We very well bend our marketing tone to also sweep in Teachers TOO!!

    Thank you for the tip!!!!

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