Bar Restaurant Success - How To Attract New Customers, Turn Them Into Raving Fans, and Become Unbeatable In Any Market!

After reading this book, you’ll know….

  • ​The 5 key ingredients you need in every ad to get the highest ROI on your marketing dollars - If you leave one of these out, you’re marketing efforts can be a total loss. ​
  • The birthday marketing strategy Nick uses that gets 98.7% of his customers and client's customers opening his birthday gift! (Total game changer right here! Those typical birthday mailers and e-mails you see everyone doing are a thing of the past - discover what’s new and sets you apart from the competition.) ​
  • The best offers to make to get new customers in your doors & the worst offers to make (Based on 6 years of testing different offers. This is your shortcut to eliminating trial and error). ​
  • How to build instant trust and relationship with new customers who have never walked into your doors and how to win them over before they ever decide to go to your competition.
  • The $85 marketing campaign that can easily bring you well over $1,000 in sales if your ticket average is at least $15.
Nick Fosberg

Price - Free Copy!

Nick Fosberg

Price - $1,495

Time Hacking Masterclass - Make More Money, Work Less Hours, & Have More Fun

The Time Hacking Masterclass is a 4 week course where Nick walks you through the exact systems and processes he has in place in both his bars that allow him to only have to spend 5 hours a week on both of them.

  • How to shave at least 5-10 hours a week off your plate by outsourcing work owners and managers shouldn’t be doing, without feeling “worried” that your team can’t do their job.
  • How to design your “Business Blueprint” so you are laser focused on what you need to do, in order to get the fastest results in your business. (So many owners / managers get caught up in the day to day work that they lose focus on the direction they want to head, which steers them in every other angle, never getting to where they really want to be. This Business Blueprint is the key to your success!)
  • How to create easy to follow systems that allow your staff to do anything you’re currently doing in your business and how to hold them accountable 24/7.
  • You’ll get the exact systems and downloads Nick uses in his bars and his clients businesses to run a smoother operation.
  • Receive the same step by step process & systems Nick used to train his managers to do 90% of his marketing for him.

Automated Cash Flow Masterclass

In this 4 week training, Nick gives you 5 fully automated Facebook promotions you can run 365 days out of year. You’ll get all the ads, how to videos on setting up the ads, etc.Nick’s made this so easy you can hand this training off to your manager to follow and within 4 weeks time, he’ll be considered an “expert” at Facebook marketing. Here’s just a few things you’ll get.

  • The “Offer Of The Month” campaign that not only attracts new customers in your doors, but keeps existing customers coming back more often.
  • How to set up custom audiences so when you run your ads, you get a much higher ROI. (If you’re just “boosting” posts, you’re wasting your money. This is where the money is at!)
  • Nick’s famous lead magnet promotion that has resulted in bringing some of the highest grossing promotions in the industry using ZERO marketing dollars.
  • The automated Facebook birthday system that will get more new birthday parties in your bar or restaurant than anything you’ve probably ever tried, with a minimal marketing budget.
  • How to target brand new people moving in your area and get them in your doors before they step foot into your competitions.
  • Plus much more.
Facebook Marketing For Restaurants

Price - $1,495