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"Nick's done for you marketing & promotional services has far exceeded my expectations. In the first 7 days his automated systems have attracted 846 customers to take action on our first offer and within the first 2 weeks we've seen 518 customers use these offers, in which they brought 2-3 others with them on their visit. After the first two weeks of launching Nick’s marketing system I have seen over $6,000 in sales brought in directly from using the system while only spending $400 on marketing! The 2nd promotion we put in place generated over 100 parties booked in my restaurant and generated over $30,000 in sales and we didn't spend a penny on marketing! 

I've been in the restaurant business 25 years and I've yet to find a customer generating solution like this that takes all the guess work out of marketing, but more importantly, having it all done for me, so I can focus on my staff and in house operations. I would highly recommend Nick’s marketing system to any bar/restaurant owner that has a solid business operation and wants to take their business to the next level."

Matt Woelfel
Ground Round Grill & Bar
Waconia, MN

"I Will Bring New Customers Into Your Doors At A Profit & If I Fail To Do So, You Don't Pay For The Ads, Or My Time!"

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"Almost $50,000 In Added Sales In 2 Months"

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Nearly $13,000 In Net Sales, In Just 10 Days,
Using Zero Ad Spend

Here you'll see the results of the promotion we ran for just 20 hours on Facebook, zero ad spend. Almost 50,000 views, 1,166 comments, 580 confirmed emails to receive Brendan's "New Customer Attraction" offer. See his response below.

I'm honestly floored by the activity and buzz this 10 day promotion has created for my business - especially without having to spend a dime on advertising. In a matter of hours we generated over 500 new and existing customers signing up for our front end offer.

Within 10 days, the 1300 offers we sent out through follow up e-mail, 140 were redeemed, with a check average of $84 after coupon offer applied. This promotion ended up doing nearly $13,000 in sales over the few weeks we ran it! 

I'm more than satisfied with the support of Nick and his staff. I finally feel confident with my marketing efforts!

Brendan Owner Of Tropics

Brendan From Tropics Tells His Story

Why Nick's Marketing Systems, Coaching, & Money Back Guarantee Is:

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If You Are Accepted To Work With Nick, this is how it will work:

and discuss your business assets and situation...

How is your current bar / restaurant /  performing?

What does your new customer marketing system look like & how is it performing? Do you even have one?

Who's your competition & what are they doing that's working? How Can We Stand Out From Them?

What are you doing to turn new customers into loyal customers?

What do you want to achieve moving forward?

Once we have those "raw materials", we'll focus on 3 things:

And it's really that simple...

If you're marketing & advertising isn't right, you can't drive in new customers.

If you can't drive in new customers, you can't add more loyal regulars to your business - which means YOU CAN'T INCREASE YOUR SALES to where you really WANT them to be!

Yes.... We Know..... "You Don't Have Time To Learn How To Become Expert Marketer"

That's where Nick and his team come in and guarantee you results so you never have to risk the chance of losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to wasteful marketing & advertising that doesn't bring you results! 

Plus they take on 90% of the work for you so you can do what you do best.... Running your bar or restaurant & taking care of all the new customers walking in your doors. 

Can You Imagine What YOUR Life & Business Would Be Like If You Could Eliminate One Of Your Biggest Headaches, Time Consuming Jobs, & Expenses - Marketing? Where You Can Turn This Expense & Time Into Actual Profit Instead?

As you know, franchises are successful because it's a business built on proven systems. What most owners fail to have is a proven marketing system - the ONE system that brings predictable revenue week after week.

By having a proven marketing system you have the best chance to have more loyal customers than ever before - you know, those customers who spend the most with you, refer you, and rave about your business. 

The people who bring you the security you're after. And when you have more money coming in and you feel secure, this is when you feel OK paying managers good money to run your business for you so you can enjoy life. 

Here's The Truth....

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You've got 3 choices to get what you want.

1. Click off this page and keep doing the same thing you've been doing and "hope" for different results.

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3. Book a call with Nick and his team to see if you're a good fit for one of his coaching and done for you programs where they do 90% of the work and guarantee to put more PROFIT and customers in your doors..... And if they fail to do so.... you don't pay! Everyone who qualifies gets a free test drive! 

More Case Studies

This Makes My Life So Easy & Profitable!

"Nick's guidance and automated system's has made my life so much easier. Instead of forking out thousands of dollars to ad reps, not knowing the return, Nick's new customer attraction system actually provides us a profitable ROI and gets us new customers month after month.

Just one promotion we ran using our e-mail list netted us $8,160.46 and brought in 544 customers back through the door. ZERO marketing expenses there! When I'm stuck, Nick is always there to move me forward, with new ideas and strategies. His system has simplified every aspect of our marketing. This is the first time that we have ever had a genuine list made up of loyal customers, the type of customers that are specifically interested in coming to Martini Bay and truly appreciate the offers that we give them. We are extremely excited to move forward with implementing Nick’s fresh and unique promotion ideas, that I know our customers will love! Thanks Nick!”

- Mike Flatley, Owner Martini Bay, Lake Havasu, AZ

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks
Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even
QUADRUPLING new customers walking in your doors...

but do you know which tweaks you need to make?

Nick Can Tell You How When You Talk! 

If for whatever reason you don't like the custom marketing plan he designs for you, you go your separate ways. It's that simple!

Here's A Few Others Who's Joined Nick's Success Team

"Nick gave me his $16,091 sales letter and all I did was input my information into the letter. I mailed out 400 letters which cost me about $300 and I booked 45 parties from the mailing over 3 months.

Each party averaged about $650. Which brought in $29,250 in sales. All I can say is Nick is amazing at what he does and he has definitely transformed my business like he said he would."

- Diane Bee Wilson Night Club, Wilson WI

“Nick gave us a 3 step e-mail campaign to run that was designed to get smaller groups of people in our doors and after he sent them out for us, it brought us around $13,125 in additional sales over a 5 week time period. We saw around 875 people walk through our doors, just from this!”

- Jason Walker Owner Riverview Raw Bar & Chill

"Nick’s Bar business marketing program is a no brainer for any restaurant/bar/nightclub business owner. I have been in the industry for 20 years and with Nicks help, I was able to streamline and put together a variety of tasks that was taking me far to much time with far to little results.

Nick’s system simplifies the marketing cycle as well as establishes the important basis for building that customer loyalty program that we all must have. All awhile keeping things automated, user friendly and results driven. Thanks Nick you truly got us back on track!"

- Russ DeMariano The Brahmin American Cuisine & Cocktails Boston, MA

"Increased His Sales By 25% In Just 3.5 Months!"

"He Made $10,000-$12,000 In SalesFrom Just 3 Emails!"

Owner Yummy Pig 


Hi Nick - Wanted to tell you the Mexico giveaway was a huge hit on Friday for Cinco de Mayo.

Yes, we ran f&b drink specials as you suggested.
Yes, we hired a dj as you suggested.
I think the trip giveaway was the real draw (icing on the cake)

While another (usually) very busy bar/restaurant in town was dead on Friday. We were swamped. It was a record Friday for us - even beating out our Saturday sales. Not too shabby for an eclectic bbq joint.

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