By Nick Fosberg   |   April 8, 2019

Today I want to tell you some simple ways to become a better marketer and how to easily win customers over.

Before I dive into that. Let me ask you a serious question. What is your ultimate goal when you spend time or money marketing your business?

To make a sale right? That’s the end result with marketing. Whether you’re trying to build awareness or get someone in the door or refer someone to you, the end goal is to get them to do business with you.

So here’s how to become a better marketer and win customers over. The next time you write an ad or social media post or email or whatever, I want you to say to yourself “what do I need to say within my marketing message that is going to persuade my audience to take action on what I’m offering vs choosing any other option they have available? What’s going to get them excited and get them to choose me over anything else?”

When you do this little exercise, you’ll be much smarter about your marketing message because you’ll be focused on your customers wants and desires. And when you do this, you’ll be speaking their language and you’ll triple the number of people who take action on your offers and specials.

If you’re about to run a new ad campaign or launch a new promotion and you need some help coming up with a great marketing message, shoot me a message over at and I’ll help you out. No charge.




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Nick Fosberg

Nick Fosberg is known as one of the highest paid, marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and he owns 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business..... without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & Facebook posts. 

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