If I Could Build Out My Most Profitable Promotion For You That Has Brought Multiple Bar & Restaurant Owners Over $10,000 In Sales In Under 3 Weeks, Absolutely Free….

 Would That Interest You?

Nick Fosberg

To: Bar & Restaurant Owners/Managers,

If you want to quickly grow your revenue in the fastest time possible and have one of the biggest marketing advantages you could ever have over your competition, this will be the most important invite you’ll ever receive.

Here’s why….

Incase we haven’t met, my name is Nick Fosberg and over the last 7 years I’ve created some of the highest grossing promotions in the industry for solo operators across the country.

Literally, increasing revenues by more than $10,000 in net sales in just a few weeks time, using very little ad dollars, with what I call the “VOP” promotion.

Because of the case studies, I’ve been asked by Jon Taffer, Nightclub & Bar, National Restaurant Association, and many others to speak to their audience on how to attract new customers and turn them into loyal repeat customers.

Enough about me.

Let’s talk about why this should matter to you!!

The crazy thing is….

The “VOP” promotion will work for any bar, or any restaurant, in any part of the country. Big city to small town. From fine dining restaurants to sports bars to hot dog stands.

I’ll share proof in just a second but first I want to be clear about this.

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Why I Want To Build & Run The VOP Promotion For You.... For Free

Right now, I’m offering to build out the VOP promotion for you, customized to your business, for free, instead of you paying $500 to $1,500 like my past clients…. 

And I’ll even take on all the heavy lifting and do 95% of the work for you so procrastination can’t step in your way.

Why?  I’ll be honest.

It’s a little bribe for you to join myself and an elite group of smart and savvy bar and restaurant owners who share their winning promotions and secrets that brings them freedom and security! 

I call this group the (BARS) Bar And Restaurant Success Inner Circle and I can promise you, joining will give you one of the biggest advantages you could ever have over your competition.

What Is The VOP Promotion? 

Before I tell you about that and my “Ballsy” money back guarantee, let me tell you what VOP stands for and how it works. Then I'll share some recent case studies it has produced. 

VOP stands for Viral Offer Promotion.

The way it works is we create a offer that excites new customers to do business with you and make it go “Viral” locally on Facebook using zero, to very little marketing dollars.

Meaning you get massive branding and awareness for the promotion fast and cheap!

In order for them to receive this offer, they must go a web page (we build for you) custom to your business, and enter in their personal contact information to receive the offer.

Once they sign up, they are sent their offer through our automated marketing system that we build for you, that is designed to get them in your doors within 10 days.

Will This Work For Me?

And the answer is.... YES & I'm going to guarantee it! 

It’s the the easiest and most profitable promotion I’ve ever ran and as you’ll see it’s made a big impact in owners lives and business.

Here’s a few recent case studies.

592 Redemptions In 15 Days From $99.44 Ad Spend & $12,147.45 In NET Sales! 

Nick's VOP promotion got us 592 redemptions within 15 days, with a total of $12,147.45 in NET sales. What blew me away is we only spent $99.44 on ads to get this return and we built a email list to 1,498 people in just 5 days time.

My partner who's been in the restaurant business for 35 years, who's opened over 80 locations, has NEVER seen this type of redemption rate - over 30%.

Bottom line, working with Nick was amazing. Everything was streamlined and him and his team did 95% of the work for us. By far the easiest and fastest way I've ever boosted sales and new customers walking in my doors.

Brett  //  Owner Of Burger Bach - Virginia

Can you imagine spending under $100 in advertising and getting back $12,147.45 in net sales? Pretty good return right. But the truth is, most owners can’t even track their marketing.

The VOP Promotion allows you to track every dollar in and out with our simple redemption system!

Here's another one.

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Insert Image

This is Brendan from Tropics Restaurant & Bar. This first image you'll see is his Facebook post that drove people to the webpage we built for him. 48,498 views of his post in less than 24 hours.

On the right you'll see the marketing system we use that shows 580 people who signed up in 24 hours.

Select Columns Layout
Select Columns Layout

The second picture is Brendan telling his success story with me on Youtube on how he did almost $13,000 in net sales in just 10 days with ZERO ad spend.

Notice how Brendan said he finally feels confident with his marketing efforts!” That’s what the VOP promotion can do for you too because you can easily see fast results that you can track.

Here's A Few More...

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The Truth About Their Results

Pretty crazy results right? Would you ever imagine that you could spend zero to a few hundred dollars on ads and get back over $10,000 in sales? NEITHER did these owners! 

Do all of our clients get results like this?

No. Of course not. 

These are some of the better ones. Most see between $3,000 to $5,000 in added sales in the first 2-3 weeks. Good news is, you can run this promotion for months straight.

But here’s what should matter to YOU!

If you want to increase your revenue and get more new paying customers in your doors, you need to start making changes to YOUR marketing strategy and right now is the BEST opportunity you have!

What Makes The VOP Promotion So Much Better Than All The Other Common Promotions For Bars & Restaurants? 

#1 Know Your Numbers!

You’re able to track every dollar spent and every dollar that comes in, which means you’ll finally have a way know if you made money or lost money from your promotion. (My guarantee allows you to NOT lose money on this. More on that in a second)

#2 Fast Results.

This promotion gets people in the door FAST because we build an automated follow marketing system to deliver personalized, friendly reminders of when the offer expires.

#3 Builds Your Most
Valuable Asset!

A huge list of e-mails and phone numbers of customers who WANT to do business with you! People who sign up for your VOP offer are pretty much telling you “I want to do business with you!” These are the MOST profitable people on the planet to invite back in for other specials & promotions.

In a minute I’ll explain how I’m going to give you proven e-mail + text promotions every month to keep them coming back in!

#4 Double Your Loyal
Repeat Customers! 

Every redemption is followed up with a personalized e-mail from the owner or manager thanking the customer for their business and asking how they can better serve them next time. 

This blows customers away, showing you CARE about them, which builds instant trust and credibility with them. 

#5 Win With Social 
Proof & 5 Stars

According to Forbes magazine, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business! The better the reviews, the better the chance they spend their money with you over your competition.

Good news. We can build your 5 star reviews for you within our automated follow up marketing system.

Here's What Peter Anderson 
From Gelsomo's Pizzeria Had To Say 

"Within the first few weeks of running Nick’s VOP promotion, we got well over 75 5 star reviews on our Facebook page. This automated process is a HUGE help to my social proof. I honestly have to say, the VOP promotion is the foundation to our success over the last 9 months as it’s built us a list of over 3,000 customers who want to do business with us.

My marketing plan is now pretty simple. Send out a few emails and texts per month to keep them coming in the door. Makes life much easier as we are only marketing people who want to do business with us.”

#6 Less Stress With
Long Term Success

With new technology and new marketing medias, you can literally press a button and streamline new customers walking in your doors and that’s what we do with the VOP offer.

We’ve ran this promotion for up to 11 months straight for our clients and as you just read from Peter, he’s been going strong for 9 months.

Here’s The Truth About How To Gain More Freedom & Security From Your Business

The VOP promotion is the most profitable and easiest way to get new paying customers in your doors and I’d put my money up against any owner or industry expert to prove me wrong.

Anytime I take on a private client who pays me $10,000 to $15,000 a year to coach them and run promotions for them, this is the FIRST promotion I launch for them.

Why? Because it FLAT OUT WORKS!

Why reinvent the wheel?

If your goal is to gain more freedom and security from your business, you MUST increase new customers in your doors, and you must have a simple way to build instant trust and credibility with them…. or it’s NOT possible!

The VOP promotion makes it possible and I’ll guarantee it here in a second!

But, let’s get to the real question you really want know.

“Nick, Why Are You Willing To Build Your 
Most Profitable Promotion For Me, For Free?"

Great question. As I said it’s a little bribe for you to join myself and an elite group of successful bar and restaurant owners/managers in the (BARS) Bar And Restaurant Success Inner Circle .

Now, before I ever launched the BARS Inner Circle I said to myself How can I help owners and managers get more new customers, added revenue, more freedom, within the first 2 weeks of a program that anyone could afford, without all the overwhelm, and continue to be by their side every week to keep getting them results?”

Here’s how….

The Value You'll Receive
As A Member...

Weekly Access To Me

Every week we'll jump on live group calls where we can share screens and I can personally help you with whatever you want. Example.

Need help with your Facebook ads and social media marketing? I can help with that by diving into your account with you and writing your ads, creating your offers, selecting the best targeting to get you the highest ROI, and launching the promotion for you.

Just like I had done for Mary….

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Keep Existing Customers Coming Back & Excited So They Don't Want To Visit Your Competition!

Let’s say you’ve become a member, we’ve launched the VOP promotion for you, and a month later you have 500-2,000 people on your email list and you don’t know what kind of e-mails to send to boost your sales. 

I can do two things.

I can give you some of my proven email promotions my clients and I use and let you send them yourself…..

…..or I can write up an email promotion live on the spot!

“But Nick, I don’t have e-mail marketing set up now. So this doesn’t help me!”

We will get that set up for you being a Inner Circle member,

no added cost :) 

This is from John Kelly the owner of Joe & Stans where he talks about using one of my email campaigns to generate 4x the sales with a new promotional idea I gave him.

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Want More Freedom From Your Business? I Can Help With That Too!

This is a serious question!

Do you have a job or do you have a business? 

Here’s how you really know.

Would you feel comfortable leaving town on vacation for 2 weeks? Or would you be a nervous wreck every day?

Or even worse, would it not even be possible to leave on vacation because your business is solely dependent on you?

If possible, and you’d be worry free, then you’ve got yourself a business!

If it’s not possible, you’ve got a job. And if that’s the case, it’s not your fault.

All of us owners have a job at first, but as we grow and get smarter, we turn it into a business that runs itself, giving us the security and freedom we want.

How did I go from a “job” to owning a “business?”

I hired a productivity coach to help me systematize my bar/restaurant business. I can help you create the same exact systems I use and that some of my clients are using to gain more freedom. So you can spend more time with family and friends.

Will you start saving 10 hours a week overnight? No. But we can easily start getting rid of a few hours a week here and there. Overtime, you'll have a business that runs itself with a team you trust.

New Promotions To Double
 Week Days & Nights

Let’s say your Tuesday or Wednesday nights are slow and you have no clue what to do to increase them. You’ve tried everything.

I can help you just like I did Valerie in Fort Myers, FL. 

Valerie's Tuesday nights were slow, so I helped her create a new promotion and a month later, she had already doubled Tuesday night sales.

And then there’s Sean Kobos, owner of Crafty Rooster. In the first 4 weeks of running a new weekly promotion, we increased nightly sales by $500 a night. After that $900 per week!

Here’s The Biggest Value You’re Receiving From Our Weekly Group Calls Together

You’re getting over 9 years of trial and error from someone who actually is a bar restaurant owner, understands the business, and has overseen well over 1 million dollars in combined marketing dollars between his clients and himself working for you.

You can’t get this from your local ad rep or all the companies these day offering to “bring customers in your doors for you” using strategies that just don’t work in today’s market.

Warren Buffet said it the best….

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Here’s What Should
Matter Most To You 

If you ever feel stuck or want a second opinion, these calls will give you the fastest path to get “unstuck” and taking action.

They will give you the exact steps you need to increase your revenue and take time off your shoulders. Anything you need, we do it together! Live on the spot.

And if you can’t ever make a call, no worries. You’ll get every recording sent to you.

What Else You’re Going To Get….

Proven “Done For You” Promotions That Create Big Paydays & Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition 

This is one of the big reasons I want to build out the VOP promotion for you as a added bonus to becoming a member.

The VOP promotion builds your most valuable asset you could ever dream of. A list of e-mails and cell phone numbers of customers who WANT to do business with YOU!

These customers are 10x more profitable to market to than anyone else and now we have the ability to pop up in their personal communication channels they use on a daily basis.

Good thing is, we’ve built a great relationship with them within the VOP promotion so these customers are eager to hear from you, which means your promotions and messages will get opened and read and 5-10% of them will take action on your offers and promotions!!

You’re Going To Love This….

To help you make more money, save time, and take the stress of your shoulders, we’re going to give you proven, time tested, e-mails text message promotions, and social media promotions, every month to send out to your list of customers to create more big pay days.

Literally copy and paste them in your own e-mail or text marketing system or the ones that come with your membership.

“But I Don’t Like To Do 
Coupons & Discounts”

If you’re thinking “I don’t want to send out coupons and discounts all the time!” You and I are on the same page!

You DON'T want to do that and not all the promotions are discounts.

Done For You Daily Facebook
Postings That Make You Money

Our number one goal is to keep getting new customers into the VOP promotion because that’s the fastest way to get new customers in your doors, which gives you the best chance of adding more loyal repeat customers to your business.

To accomplish this, besides the Facebook ads running for the VOP promotion, we’re going to post daily to your Facebook and handle all the design work.

These posts are designed with calls to action to sign up for the offer and keep customers updated on your daily specials.

Here's a few examples we've created for past members.

What’s The Investment?

It’s $247 a month and you’re not locked into any kind of contract. You can cancel at anytime. My goal, just like YOUR goal, is to NOT lose customers. And the way we lose customers is by NOT delivering value!

With that said, the only way you’ll want to stay is if you make at least 10x the monthly investment, each and every month. By me knowing this and understanding this, it makes me deliver the goods you need to make that happen!.

Look at it this way. $247 is just $7.96 a day! Let’s face it. $7.96 isn’t going to change your life today, but the work we do together can change your life and business forever!

Is Everything Included
Really Worth It? 

If you’re questioning the monthly investment and the value, think of it this way..... 

  1. To have a social media company design your Facebook posts and post them daily is going to cost you around $200 alone. Not to mention, their posts only brings awareness, not customers in your doors.
  2. To have an automated marketing system that powers the VOP promotion and tracks redemptions would cost you $150-$200 a month alone.
  3. To book a private one hour consultation with me is $1,000 an hour. You get personal access to me for one hour each week to personally help you wherever your stuck.

1 + 2 Alone Would Cost
You $300-$400 A Month!! 

Plus you’re either doing all the work yourself, from scratch....

....or putting yourself at risk paying another company that doesn't offer a solid guarantee and that doesn't have the track record I have in this industry.

Speaking of guarantee.....

My 100% Money Back 

“Ballsy” Guarantee

I’m going to take 100% of the risk off of you and put it all on me!

Become a BARS Inner Circle Member today and you can test out the VOP promotion for 30 days, get access to everything the Inner Circle has to offer for 30 days, and if you can honestly tell me that you didn’t increase enough revenue from the VOP promotion alone to cover a full year of the BARS Inner Circle, I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

That right there is "Ballsy" when it takes my team and I over 5 hours to build out the web pages, automated marketing system, and Facebook ads, alone for the VOP promotion.

And my team isn't cheap!

But, that’s how confident I am the VOP promotion will at least put another $3,000 or more in your bank account and bring at least 50-100 new customers in your doors within 30 days. 

You’ve Got 2
Choices Right Now 

  1. Not join and continue getting the same results you’re getting now, and if you’re happy with where you’re at, congrats. That’s the goal.  

    But if you're NOT happy and you don't make changes, you'll continue to have a business that steps all over you and doesn't give you, or your family, the life you truly deserve.

  2. Join today, jump on the on-boarding call with me, and we'll get the VOP promotion up and running within 5 business days, and then you and I can start building a business that runs itself.

    If you’re not happy with your results within 30 days, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

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How Much Is The Text Message Marketing?

Who Keeps The List Of Customers?

Do I Have To Have A Facebook Page To Join & What Type Of Access Will You Need To It?

How Much Do I Have To Spend On Facebook Ads For The VOP Promotion?

The VOP Promotion Seems Great But I'm Worried I Won't Be Able To Handle All The Business! 

I Already Have A Customer Database, Can They Be Uploaded To Your E-mail Marketing & Text Marketing Platforms?  

Here's A Few More Case Studies Of Owners Who Ran The VOP Promotion 

$7,150.70 In Sales - Zero Ad Cost - 7,150% ROI

In just two weeks we did $7,150.70 in sales with zero ad costs. I got more exposure from this promotion using zero money than any I have using money!

Steve  //  Owner Doc's Downtown Grille - Maryland

18 Days & We Added $8,502 In Sales!

This promotion brought us roughly $8,502 in sales in the first 18 days. If you've been struggling to get new customers or past customers in the doors, this is the way to go. Customers loved it!

David //  Owner Of Urbano Enchilada Taco Bar - Texas

Over 1,000 Signed Up In One Week! 

All I can say is WOW. Fast, fast, fast results. We had well over 1,000 people signing up within just a week to receive our promotion. I've been in this business well over 25 years and I have yet to see anything bring results like this. Being a busy operator, I'm glad I took the time to watch and learn from Nick or I could still be frustrated trying to increase revenue.

Chip //  Owner/Operator Rock & Roll Sushi Lousiana

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