The Proven Step By Step Formula To Attract New Customers, Turn Them Into Loyal Regulars, And Become Unbeatable In Your Market!


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If you’re a bar or restaurant owner who’s looking for a easier, more profitable, way to attract new customers, turn them into loyal regulars, and have a HUGE advantage over your competition, then this video series and transcript is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!

My name is Nick Fosberg and I’ve been working with bar & restaurant owners all over the country for the last few years by implementing a totally new marketing & promotional formula to their business. One that I discovered in a totally different industry.

 A formula that nearly eliminates any risk on your marketing dollars, that is brutally effective, and that I’m almost certain, its 3 times more powerful and profitable then what you are currently doing.

To give you an idea one of my clients added $60,000 in sales & 2,000 brand new customers within 90 days. Another one $30,000 in 90 days. Another one $50,000 in 6 months.

All from following the LRVO Marketing & Promotional Formula.

One last thing I’d like to mention is this marketing and promotional formula is used by Best Buy, Amazon, Starbucks, McDonalds, and many other big name companies.

Sounds crazy I know, but If you want to take your business to the next level, outsmart your competition, and stand out in your market, you need to find marketing and promotional breakthroughs in other industries and apply it to your business.

Let’s get to work!

 Your New Beginning
To Higher Profits

I know why you may be frustrated! Same reason or reasons I was when I first got into the business. It’s more expensive and harder then ever to get new customers in your doors.

The good news is I’m going to help you get rid of that frustration once and for all by providing you with a proven marketing and promotional formula that will bring you more new paying customers then anything else you’ve done before.

I’m going to share the exact same system I apply to my own bar business and to my clients bar businesses when I consult with them.

This is the foundation upon which all strategies in marketing and promotions are built. Its the core to everything I do and it’s critical to all the other lessons, techniques, and strategies I teach.

If one is to fail to understand this core formula, then they will fail at applying all the other concepts I teach. For example, when I talk about Facebook marketing or direct mail marketing, I do that in the context of the marketing and promotional formula I’m going to give you.

Take Successful Marketing
Models & Apply It To Your Business!

This is very comparable to the same system that McDonald’s and Best Buy have used to corner the electronics and burger markets. It’s the same system Amazon uses that made them the e-commerce bully. It’s how p90x one of the worlds top selling exercise programs, Proactive the #1 selling acne cream, and how sports Illustrated have become household names.

If someone was to tell me 4 years ago that I could apply the same type of marketing and promotional system to the bar business as all these other big multi million dollar companies, I would have thought they were out of their damn mind.

But I’m here to tell you, that I’ve done it myself in my bar business, in my marketing business, and I’ve done it for bar restaurant owners all around the country and brought them some amazing results they never thought were possible. You can do it too!

3 Proven Laws Of Business Growth

This formula works because it exploits each and every aspect of the proven laws of business growth.

There’s only three ways to grow a business:

  1. Increase the number of customers,
  2. Increase the average transaction value per customer
  3. Increase the frequency that they visit your bar.

This is what I call Loyal Regular Value Optimization or LRVO.


If followed correctly youll easily add 25-50 new loyal regulars to your business who spend an average of $200 per  month with you.

That’s about a $60,000 minimum increase in sales. As I said, before, I’m going to share with you in a future video how I brought one client $60,000 in sales within 90 days from following the LRVO formula and how you can do it to.

So make sure that you watch each video in this series carefully and take notes. Watch them multiple times and lock this formula in your head. Commit it to memory. What you’re going to discover a easier, faster, and more profitable way to increase your sales and profits and a way to become unbeatable in your market.

Below this video a button should appear to download the free report and the LRVO flow chart. In just a few seconds when this video is over I want you to download the flow chart and learn the steps of the Loyal Regular Value Optimization.

I want you to print this and tack it to your wall because if you plan to execute this formula, youll need to review it often. When you learn about new marketing strategies or new promotions, you’ll need to consistently remind yourself of the LRVO formula otherwise you’ll end up wasting your time and money.

A Warning To You!

There is little profit in understanding, for example, Facebook marketing or any other marketing strategy in and of it itself. There is enormous profit in understanding how to apply Facebook advertising to this LRVO formula.

My advice to you is apply everything you know or learn about marketing and promotions to the LRVO formula and you’ll dominate your competition.

Download The LRVO Flow Chart

 A Secret Way To Targeting Your Most Valuable
New Prospects In A 100%
Ethical & Effective Way!


So the LRVO flow chart you downloaded might seem a little strange to you right now, but that’s why I’ve created these video’s….. To walk you through how this will easily bring you a minimum of $50,000 in additional sales within 12 months.

Today I’m going to cover steps one and two and you’re going to discover an extremely profitable strategy I use with my clients to attract our perfect type of customer. Our competitors customers! So lets get started.

 #1 Who Do You REALLY,
REALLY Want To Attract??

Step one is determining who your target market is. Who do you want to attract into your bar or restaurant. I’m not a psychic but I’m sure you’re saying people who are just like your loyal regulars because they spend the most money with you!

So what’s their age, gender, how much money do they make, where do they live? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. In most cases your perfect customer is also going to be your competitors customers right. These are people who you know like to go out to eat, drink, have disposable income, and probably live close to your business.

But you can’t walk into your competitors bar and start giving out  drink tickets or discount coupons promoting your bar or restaurant. That’s just not ethical. However, there is a legal and ethical way to do this which I’ll cover in a minute but before I get into that I want to make one thing clear.

When you’re creating a new promotion, your market could change. Example, late night party promo with a DJ versus a new lunch menu, two different types of customers right? So keep that in mind with every promo you do, because not every promotion is right for everyone. You need to target the people who are more likely to take advantage of what you have to offer.

Step Two – Choosing The Best Traffic
Source That Will Give You The Best ROI!

What you need to think about here is what’s the most cost effective and direct way you can get your offer ONLY in front of customers who like to go out to drink,eat, have disposable income, and live close enough that they are willing to drive to your bar or restaurant.

Write this down.

Marketing is all about excluding everyone who you dont want to do business with, or excluding everyone who doesnt want what you have to offer, and ONLY targeting the people who do WANT what you have to offer.. Can you imagine the results of your marketing if you could ONLY market to people WANT to do business with you

You’re probably thinking to yourself, is it really possible to do that? YES! Today privacy is dead. You can buy mailing lists based on age, gender, demographics, household income, etc, etc.

But what’s even 10 times more powerful and a hell of a lot cheaper is using digital marketing. Now don’t let the term “digital marketing” scare you right now. Soon you’ll be in love with and you’ll start applying it immediately.

The advantage of using digital marketing is it’s NEW and most likely your competition is clueless how to use it effectively, and they may not even be using it at all. Lucky for you, I’m going to give you the most profitable ways to use digital marketing in your business throughout this video series.

The most profitable way to getting new customers in your doors is using Facebook pay per click ads where you can target people based on their interests, their income, where they live, how much money they make, etc, etc. But it gets even better. 

The Power Editor
Your Ultimate Tool To Maximizing Your Profits!

You might be familiar with the Facebook ads manager, but what about “The Power Editor?” This is Facebook advertising platform on steroids and it’s revolutionized the way bar and restaurant owners market their business. It’s saving owners well over 10k-20k a year on advertising dollars.

Let me explain and then I’ll show you proof and stats that this is true.

In the power editor you can target people in your area, based on gender, where they live, etc, etc, but also by their purchase behavior with their credit and debit cards. Meaning if you want to target people who are BUYING beer, wine, liquor or food at other bars and restaurants, you can TARGET ONLY these people with your offers!

This is totally revolutionary for us bar and restaurant owners. But here’s another key component to this. You ONLY pay when people click on your ads and offers. Meaning you can still brand your business with no cost to you if people don’t click. They will see your offers, they will see your brand, but if they don’t click you don’t pay!

This is like going to your newspaper or radio ad rep and saying “Here’s $500, I want to run this ad, but I only want this to be seen or heard in front of people who are buying beer, wine, liquor or meals at other bars and restaurants!”

Imagine, the ROI on your marketing dollars!

Here’s a screen shot of one of my clients campaigns we just ran to promote their lead magnet, which we will talk about in video 3. You can see the ad set name on the left which we targeted drinkers and we targeted people who “Liked” other bar and restaurant owners Facebook pages. Our two most profitable target markets.

This shows we reached about 21,000 people, we had about 70,000 impressions meaning our


ad being shown to our perfect target market, and about 3,700 clicks to our website, where the average cost was .202 cents to .08 cents per click.

Think about that. Where else can you get guaranteed results to hit your target market, drive them to your offer, for .20 cents to .08 cents and exclude just about everyone else in your area who doesn’t have an interest in what you have to offer!

Here’s a screenshot (you can see better in video) that shows the targeting options inside the Power Editor. The interest means people who “Liked” bar and restaurant pages in our area and the behavior is their purchase behavior on their credit and debit cards!

Here’s another screenshot of the same campaign that shows the video views…. This was a video ad that we ran but it was only .02 cents per view to our target market. This is like running commercials on TV. For only two pennies per view to your perfect audience!


They spent less then $500 for all this and it was a 30 day campaign!

Now I wanted to spend extra time to show you all this in step 2, figuring out the best traffic source to hit your target market because Facebook is the most profitable. The other media’s I suggest are E-mail blasts, targeted direct mailers, banner ads, and websites. There’s probably 100 others I can name off but these are the main traffic sources I suggest for bars and restaurants. Newspaper and radio can still work, don’t get me wrong, but it depends on your target audience.

But here’s the truth and take it as you want. I oversee about $15,000 to $20,000 a month in Facebook ads for my clients and myself. I’ve run hundreds of split tests on ads and marketing campaigns. Facebook is by far the most profitable platform to use when trying to get BRAND NEW customers in you your doors.

I’m not talking just posting on Facebook but PAYING for traffic. Facebook doesn’t give businesses exposure on Facebook anymore because they want you to PAY, but the price is so cheap and the targeting is so precise, youd be out of your mind not to pay for Facebook traffic.

So that’s it for today. In the next video I’m going to talk about step 3, the lead magnet, which is the key to attracting all the new customers you want!

 How To Attract All The New Customers You
Need & Become Unbeatable In Your Market


Today I’m going to tell you how you can become unbeatable in your market. How to attract more new paying customers then anything you’ve done without risking a penny of your marketing dollars. Yes, you’ll have to spend a little on traffic but once we go through this LRVO formula you’ll see how you easily recoup that tiny marketing investment.

As I’ve said before, one of the biggest complaints I hear from bar owners is they can’t get any new customers in the doors from their marketing efforts. They feel marketing is a waste of money.

Well 90 percent of the time this is because they dont have an offer within their marketing or they dont have a strong enough offer to get a new customer to walk into their doors.

 This Is important So Highlight This!!

Any time you market your business to get a brand new customer in the door you better have a valuable offer. An offer that out beats your competitions offer.

Let me ask you this, how much is a new customer worth to you if they came in once a week where you profited $20 every time? If you times that customer by 52 weeks that’s $1,040 a year. So how much are you willing to spend to get a $1,040 per year customer? You could pay up to $1,040 and break even couldn’t you? But that would be insane!

How Much Is A New LOYAL
 Customer Worth To You?

The ones that come in 4-5 times per week? Lets say, on the low side, they spend $100 per week, that’s $5,200 a year. Would you pay $500, $1,000, even $2,000 to get back $5,200 in sales? Of course you would, youd do that as many times as you could wouldnt you?

Restaurant owner, a new family of 4 comes in once a month, spends $100, there’s $1,200 a year. What would you spend to get that group for 3-4-5 years?

Here’s what I’m trying to say… “He who can spend the most money to acquire a brand new customer, wins.”  And Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, once said which I believe was a warning to his competitors,….. Your margin is my opportunity

Think Like This And
You Become Unbeatable!

The lesson I’ve learned is that once you understand LRVO, Loyal Regular Value Optimization, you become unstoppable. Amazon sells on the thinnest margins knowing that acquiring new customers, selling them more and selling to them more frequently is how you become unstoppable.

So whats important here is you really need to understand how to measure what traffic is worth to you. How much a brand new customer is worth to you. But also how to extract maximum immediate value from that traffic. Which I will get into in the up coming videos.

So this could be why you’ve been frustrated within your business. Because you have no system, no formula, for attracting new customers. I can tell you 20 different ways to drive traffic into your bar but first you need to understand the system. The goal, no matter which traffic source you use, is to drive new prospects into the LRVO marketing and promotional funnel and that all begins with a irresistible offer or what I also call a lead magnet.

 Powerful Lead Magnets =
3 Times More NEW  Customers!

Remember how I told you in the first video that there are only 3 ways to increase your business? Which is get more new customers, get customers to spend more, and get customers to come back more often. Well the lead magnet is designed to get more new paying customers.

The lead magnet is an irresistible offer that provides value and benefits to your new prospect but in order to get that lead magnet they must give you their full contact information in exchange for your offer. We want their information so we can continue to market to them and bring them back in more often and spend more money.

This lead magnet can be offered in house at your bar or online through a lead capture website. Here’s an example of a lead capture site. Doesn’t have to be real fancy. It just needs to state your valuable offer and have a way to capture their information.


Now the question is, what should you offer as a lead magnet that will get a brand new customer to not even think twice about handing over their personal contact information in order to get your offer? The most common way to make this offer irresistible, is to give it away at cost, and in some cases, at a loss to you.

Your Goal Isnt To Make Money
From Your Lead Magnet…Heres Why

When you understand LRVO at this stage, you are NOT trying to make a living from your lead magnet. You are trying to acquire new customers because there’s NOTHING more valuable then a list of customers who gladly gave you their information because these people are 300% more likely to respond to your offers then anyone else.

Once you understand the rest of the Loyal Regular Value Optimization formula, you will understand how the lead magnet is the single most powerful addition you can make to your business…even though you make NO direct profit.

A great example of this is Columbia house records.

They took over the music market by making a crazy offer. 13 tapes for $1…Because they understand that acquiring5 a list of customers is the most powerful asset they will ever have because now they can continue to market to them with higher priced products that they are more likely to buy then anyone else.

What I discovered is this is true in the bar business. The people who gladly hand over their information to you and spend money with you, are more likely to respond to your offers and promotions then anyone else.

Now that you know what a new loyal customer might be worth to you, what kind of lead magnet could you offer to acquire a new customer? How much are you willing to spend over your competition to acquire a new customer? This goes back to what we talked about at the beginning of the video.

Remember, he who spends more to get a new customer wins..

Think About This….

What if you offered a $20 valued gift card that was 50% off your tab good up to $20 off. That’s a very valuable offer!  And at the very least you’re breaking even. How many targeted customers who like to go to bars, eat, drink, and have disposable income, the people we talked about in video 2, would take advantage of that?

Is this offer better, more valuable, then what your competition is doing?

Then what do you think is going to hThe Strategy Here Is Simple…..appen. Youre going to attract way more new customers then your competition and if you follow the Facebook marketing strategy I covered in video two, youll easily get your competitions customers taking advantage of that offer and walking in your doors.

Again, remember, you’re not trying to make a living from your lead magnet. Your buying a brand new customer at small loss or break even stand point.

 The Strategy Here Is Simple…..

Convert new prospects into paying customers, even at the expense of your profit margin, with the understanding that acquiring a paying customer will deliver massive profits through the next steps I’m going to share with you in the next video.

  The Vital Process To Turning Your
Leads Into Loyal, Raving Fans


So lets take a quick recap of what we’ve gone over in the the LRVO formula. So far you’ve determined your target market. You’ve chosen the most reliable and cost effective traffic source to reach your target market, which Facebook target marketing through the power editor should be #1 on your list. And you’ve chosen a irresistible lead magnet, that is more valuable then what your competition is doing, so acquire more new customers at a break even stand point.

At this point into the formula it’s VITAL that we build trust and credibility with the people who are handing over their information to you for your lead magnet because people do business with people who they like and trust. This is all done through what I call my “new customer to loyal customer automated marketing system.” Let me explain.

How To Deliver The Lead Magnet
So You Get The Best Results Possible

Once we’ve captured their information for our lead magnet, we must deliver that lead magnet to them. I use direct mail as the delivery process because it’s more personal, but also because over the years of testing this with myself and different clients, you get a better redemption rate.

The other reason is you want to have a way to get their mailing address so you can send them Profit Maximizers that deliver value but also makes you money.

Are You Missing Out On 80% Of Your
Marketing Efforts Like Everyone Else?

The big mistake so many bar restaurant owners make is they focus only on e-mail capture because e-mail is pretty much free. But the truth is about 75%-80% of the emails you send will never get opened because of spam folders or people delete them because they get way too many damn e-mails.

I’m not saying don’t send e-mails, because you should. But if you want any of your promotions to be extremely successful and profitable, you must utilize e-mail, direct mail, texting, and targeted social media to YOUR list of customers who’ve handed their information to you for your lead magnet.

How To Instantly Create Trust & Credibility

So lets get back to the new customer to loyal customer automated marketing system. My goal with this first delivery of the lead magnet is to get them to feel like they know me on a personal level even if they’ve never met me in person. To get them to like me and trust me. To provide them with value and also to let them know I will be sending them more valuable offers because I value their business.

The other goal here is to stand out like no other bar owner has ever stood out with them and make them say “Wow, I really like this guy. I want to continue to do business with him! Not only is he generous, but he cares about his customers.”

Damaging Admission
The Secret To Instant Trust

Another valuable golden nugget is within this first contact, I tell them, Its nearly impossible to run a 100% perfect business when youre dealing with cooks, servers, bartenders, etc. There might be a time when you come in, your meal might not be perfect or service might be slow. Its very rare BUT..If you ever have a bad experience, I want to know about it, I want to make it right for you. Because if I dont know about these issues, I cant fix them within my business.

This is something I learned called “damaging admission”. It’s where you talk about something that may be not so perfect about your business and you’re up front and with them. The reason marketing experts use this is to build credibility. To build the trust. Because the truth is, there’s always going to be a time that a new customer walks in and something isn’t 100 percent perfect.

When you can stand out in your new customers mind and they understand you care about them, their experience, and you’re providing them with a offer that out beats any of your competitors, it’s a game changer.

this is the first step in turning them into a loyal regular and making you unbeatable in your market. Doesn’t this sound like a easier, more profitable, and smarter way of turning new customers into loyal regulars?

I’m really hoping you’re getting a lot of value so far. The next video we’re going to talk about profit maximizers! This is where the big money promotions come into play and how you turn your new customers into lifetime regulars.

 How To Set Yourself Up For Massive Pay Days With Very Little Effort & Make Your Customers Love You!


Welcome back and I have a confession to make. I lied to you in the last video. I said that in this video we were going to go over what I like to call profit maximizers, but I decided to let you in on a BIG secret instead.  The secret that’s so effective, it makes your “Profit Maximizers” ten times more profitable!

Are you cool with that? Awesome… Then lets keep going!

I want you to close your eyes right now and visually picture what we’ve done so far. We’ve targeted new customers within your area who are either buying beer, wine, liquor, or food at other bars and restaurants on their credit and debit cards using Facebook. Your most targeted, highest value, prospects you can target in the world.

They’ve seen our ad, they’ve clicked on it, we pay practically nothing for this to happen, we take them to our lead capture website, and they fill in their contact information so they can receive this offer that out-beats all the other competitors in your area, while you still don’t lose a penny. Please note: Facebook isn’t the only media channel you can use. I just used Facebook as an example here because this is the fastest, most targeted, and the most profitable way to get new customers into your doors.

So lets continue.

They receive your cheers letter and valuable lead magnet in the mail, personalized to them, and you stand out unlike any other owner. We instantly build trust and credibility with them. We get them to say to themselves I like this person. I want to do business with them. Hes honest and hes delivering great value to me!

Things are looking good so far aren’t they. The end goal here is to turn this new customer into a loyal customer. A customer who spends a minimum of $100 or more with you each and every month or better yet, per week.

The Most Profitable
Follow Strategy EVER!

In order to do this you must provide them with a great experience when they come in with your lead magnet offer, BUT you also need to continue to deliver specials and promotions that they WANT, so they WANT to come back more often. You can easily do this with a short, 100% fully automated survey.

What I do for myself and for my clients is 3 days after the new customer signs up in-house or online for the lead magnet, we have a automated e-mail that goes out to ask them to fill out a very short survey.

Now you might be thinking surveys are a pain in the ass and people don’t like filling them out, which is true. But we’re doing this in away to benefit them! Plus think of the overall process these people are going through! We’re providing them with great value and we are standing out like no other owner ever has with them. They like us and trust us.

Now they get a e-mail 3 days later from us expressing that we want to know what kind of specials and promotions they like so we can cater to their needs. That in order to be successful, it’s not about what I want, but what my customers want. You make this e-mail about them and not you.

We see at least 30%-40% response from this, sometimes more, and it’s EXTREMELY valuable information.

The other VERY VERY important question I ask is Why do you choose one bar or restaurant over the other? 7 out of 10 owners would think price is the answer and it’s not. It’s service, atmosphere, and cleanliness.

Now you might be saying “Nick, what’s the big secret? This isn’t a secret!” You’re right, survey’s are no secret to this industry but it’s all about how you use them.

Let Them Tell You Want They
Want & Deliver On It

Here’s what I mean. Once we collect a few hundred automated surveys, which can literally be within two weeks, we have enough data to know what our market really wants, what kind of promotions they like, etc, etc. Now we know exactly how to grow our business!

And let me say this, I do put within the survey, Please dont put penny beers and free food because we do have insurance, rent, and employees to pay. Please provide us with realistic responses and we will do our best to cater to your needs! This way it weeds out the non serious, unrealistic cheap people.

When I had opened up my second bar Rural on Tap, we saw a huge response was trivia night and I’ve always hated trivia nights. But you know what? It’s not about me, it’s about them. The first weekly promotion we ran was trivia night and it’s our most successful week night.

If I didn’t have this data, if I didn’t ask my customers what they wanted, I could be sitting with an empty bar on Tuesday nights because I was thinking more about myself then what my customers wanted.

So this survey is very very important because this sets you up for step 5 of the LRVO formula which is all about offering profit maximizers to increase the average check value, the 2nd law of business growth. And it’s all about the customer return path, getting customers to come back more often, which is the 3rd law to business growth.

 How The Customer Return Path Will Explode
 Your Sales With Minimal Investment & Change Your Life Forever!


We are at the final video now where I’m going to cover the 2nd and 3rd proven law to business growth which is to increase the amount of money your customers spend with you and increase the number of times they visit you.

All of this is done in step 5 of the LRVO marketing & promotional system, the customer return path.

This is where the real money and wealth is created in this business. Now this is important, this is where most owners struggle or don’t do at all. The goal of the customer return path is to have frequent, strategic communication with your customers and prospects that gets them to WANT to come back to your bar or restaurant again and again and to continue to build a valuable relationship with them. If you can continue to build the relationship, if you can continue to provide value, you’ve got a customer for life considering they have a good experience with you.

The customer return path is where you offer what I like to call Profit Maximizers which are promotions or offers that designed to make you a boat load of money.  One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to create offers that are designed to attract groups of people. So instead of just trying to get one person in the door with your offer, you try get 4 to 8 or better yet 30 to 40 from one person! Such as a birthday parties and party packages.

I want you to close your eye’s again, and imagine what I talked about in the last video. You’ve received their contact information through the lead magnet, you’ve started an amazing relationship with them, and NOW you have the ability to continue marketing to them. Plus remember what I said in video 3, people who gladly hand over their personal contact information are up to 300% more likely to respond to your offers then anyone else.

Exactly Why You Want Want To Focus On List
Building EVERY Day Youre In Business!

This is why getting a massive amount of people to take advantage of your lead magnet is so important because the more people’s information you capture, the more money you will make as long as you keep a good relationship with them, which is what the customer return path is all about.

It’s all a numbers game. If you have 1,000 people on your list and you get a 5% response rate from an e-mail, that’s 50 people responding to your marketing. If you have 2,000 with the same response rate, it DOUBLES to 100!!!!

Besides just emailing them, you should also text them, send them direct mail, and use re-targeting ads on Facebook and re-targeting banner ads through Google Ad words. Because re-targeting is so new and 9 out of 10 owners are unaware of what this is, I’ve decided to take the time to create a bonus video for you. I felt that if I didn’t dive deeper into this, I’d be doing a massive disservice to you.

The Wave Of The Future For
Bar & Restaurant Marketing

Retargeting is literally the wave of the future. It’s truly revolutionary. I’ve reduced our marketing costs by at least 30% because of it, as well as my clients. I’ll show you real results, proven stats of our campaigns. I’m also going to tell you exactly how to use this in your business so you know exactly what to do.

So be on the look out for that tomorrow. Now back to the customer return path.

Again the whole idea of the customer return path is to stay in consistent communication with your list of customers by using their personal communication channels. Their e-mail, their cell phones, their mail box, their tablets, and their computers.

How You Get The Highest ROI On Your Marketing Dollars –
There’s No Other Answer Then This!

This is the most profitable way to market your business but here’s the key to success using your list. What you don’t want to do is ONLY send them updates telling them your specials and entertainment, which is what 95% of owners do. You’ll quickly see people dropping out of your marketing funnel if you do this.

Instead you need to use what I call “Relationship” based marketing. Where you have a conversation with your customer and deliver value to them. Or lets say you want to get a message out about a band or a charity event or something like that, tell them how they will benefit from this event. Tell them WHY they should come.

I tell my private clients, imagine your writing or talking to a friend of yours who you want to come in for your promotion. What would you say to them if they were “thinking” about it. If you really really wanted your friend to show up, you’d figure out exactly what you needed to persuade them wouldn’t you? Of course you would. And thats exactly how all your communication needs to be.

Either deliver them with value and tell them WHY you are delivering this value to them. Or tell them how they are going to benefit when they take you up on your offer or promotion. Or you do both with your you message which is ultimately the most powerful!

The bottom line is this, the more communication you have with them within multiple marketing channels the more they are going to come in, the more they will take you up on your offers.

 Lets Run Some Simple Numbers!

This LRVO formula is about building a unstoppable bar restaurant business by increasing the value of your customers. Lets run some made up simple numbers so you see how this entire formula will bring you a minimum of $50,000 in additional sales within the next 12 months.

Lets say within 3 months you build a customer list of 1,000 people signing up to get your lead magnet, which isn’t hard to do by any means. I’ve done this plenty of times within 30 days for clients and I’ve got a case studies to prove to it that are on my website.

But lets say over the course of 12 months, after they’ve gone through the new customer to loyal customer marketing funnel and you’ve built up the trust and credibility with them, lets just say 5% of the 1,000 customers become like your loyal regulars.

Thats 50 new loyal regulars.

Well how much do your loyal regulars spend with you each week?

I’m going to use a bar owner as an example here but if you’re a restaurant owner or a carry out pizza operation, you can scale these numbers to fit your business.

On the low side  for a bar owner, lets say $200 per month, $50 per week. Thats an extra $10,000 in sales per month or another $120,000 per year when you have 50 new loyal regulars from a list of 1,000 people. If you only converted 2.5% of the 1,000 into loyal customers, 25 new loyal regulars, that’s $60,000 in sales per year in extra sales.

I’m not trying to give out outrageous figures here but you know what your loyal regulars spend and if you’re a bar owner, I’m sure it’s at least $100 or more per week. When you can follow this formula it’s not hard to add 25-50 new loyal regulars to your business over the course of 12 months. For a restaurant, it’s not hard to add 100 or more because there’s more people going to restaurants then bars.

How He Added $60,000 In Sales & 2,000 Brand New Customers
Within 90 Days From Running A 10 Day Facebook Promotion!


Now let me tell you about a few clients who’ve followed my formula and have seen some huge results. Kevin Munz who owns Cullen’s in Houston Texas hired me to create a promotion for him to get small groups into his business. To promote a profit maximizer that would really bump up sales.

We sent out my 3 step e-mail campaign and Kevin reported back to me  he did nearly $60,000 in additional sales and it brought in about 2,000 brand new customers within a 3 month time period and this cost him zero marketing dollars besides the investment to work with me.

It Wouldnt Have Been Possible Without This!!!

But heres whats important about this. The reason he got amazing results like this is because he had a list of customers who WANTED to do business with him. He had a list of customers who he built a relationship with.

 This is what the customer return path is all about. Getting customers to come back over and over where you can offer profit maximizers to create huge sales surges in your business.

These results wouldn’t have been possible without him having that list of customers who liked him and trusted him!

How He Added $50,000 In Sales Within 6 Months

Another client of mine Mark Bares from Merril Wisconsin owns a bowling center and he wanted to increase his bar business because he didn’t want to only be known as a bowling center.

I helped Mark through each step of the LRVO formula and built him a list of 900 people in a matter of 2.5 months. Each month we used the customer return path and sent out a monthly offer by direct mail. Mark gets an average of a 18% response from his monthly mailers.

This Is HUGE!

Normal response to a cold list of prospects is one percent to two percent if you’re lucky. The only way to get massive results like this is by marketing to people who gave you their information and you’ve built a relationship with them.

Mark said that within 6 months he’s added nearly $50,000 in sales to his business by applying the LRVO formula.

How A Small Town Bar In A Farming Community Added $30,000 In Sales Within 3 Months From A $300 Marketing Investment


Another past client of mine Diane Bee, who’s from a small farming community added nearly $30,000 in sales within 3 months by sending out ONE letter. This one campaign cost her $300 to send out.

Can you imagine spending a few hundred dollars and getting back thousands in return. Even if it was only $5,000 in additional sales, thats a hell of a lot better then what any owner today can say they get.

Again, the only reason she could get results like this is by marketing to people who WANT to do business with her and using PROFIT MAXIMIZERS that increase check averages and increases customers.

Shut Down My Website Because I Have TOO
Many Calling For My Offer!


He Screamed! Within 24 Hours Of It Being Live

Another client of mine, Justin from Cleveland Oh hired me to help him increase his sales. I took Justin through the LRVO formula and we got around 800 people to sign up for his irresistible lead magnet within 60 days. After this we used the customer return path to market a profit maximizer that we offered through another lead capture website.

Within 24 hours Justin asked me to shut down his website because he was getting too many people wanting his profit maximizer! Can you imagine getting too many people wanting what you have to offer?

Again, results like this can only happen when you have a list of customers who like you, trust you, and want to do business with you while at the same time, making them an irresistible offer.

I can go on and on with stories like this but I think you get the point. Building a list of customers is nothing new, but it’s all about how you build your list, how you communicate with your list, and what you offer your list in order to create massive pay days with your promotions.

Would You Want Me To Build Out A New Customer Attraction & Retention System For You & Let You Test It Out Before You Commit?

If you’re here with me right now and your goal is to make more money, take your business to the next level, and have the ultimate advantage over your competitors, then I’ve got an offer I want to make you that you literally can’t say no to because there’s absolutely zero risk to you.

My team and I will build out a fully customized LRVO marketing and promotional system for you and let you test it out, 100% risk free. If you are not happy with your success then you don’t pay a penny.

If this interests you, then click the button below.

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Bonus Video!!
How To Lower Your Marketing Costs By 25%-50% By Taking Advantage Of Retargeting!


Welcome back. My goal right now is to open your mind to a new vision for success and profits. To introduce you to a revolutionary marketing strategy that will make all your promotions more successful, cut your marketing costs in half, and make your e-mail marketing 80% more effective.

This strategy is called re-targeting! Let me start off by explaining what retargeting is, how it works, and then I’ll dive into how I use this in my bars and in my clients bars and restaurants, plus I’ll show you some stats.

Retargeting, also known as re-marketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand, your offers, your promotions, in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. Meaning people who don’t convert into buyers or leads. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

I’ll get into more detail in a second, you’re probably not selling anything on your bar or restaurant website, I’m not either, but let me explain how all this works. Your website person places a small piece of code on your website, also known as a pixel. It’s unnoticeable, nobody can see it. You get this code from Facebook or you can get it from google and other 3rd party companies out there that offer re-targeting advertising.

Every time someone comes to your site, they are cookied, which pretty much means we’ve planted a tracking link into their brain and we can follow them all over the web. I want you to think of this as the lead capture strategy, without asking for their information. I want you to think of this as building a list of customers ok. You’ll get why in a minute.

Later, when your cookied visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve them ads, ensuring that your ads are served to only to people who have previously visited your site.

Why Retargeting Is So Effective.

Retargeting is so effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. That’s why most marketers who use it see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels and that’s why I say this is the wave of the future! Especially when you tie this into the Facebook purchase behavior targeting I talked about in the previous videos.

So all this might sound confusing and trust me, I was confused when I first learned about this too, but let me give you some examples of how to use this within the LRVO marketing and promotional formula.

Lets go back to the beginning of the marketing funnel where we are driving traffic from Facebook or any other marketing channel, to our lead capture page so we can build our list of customers.

But lets say they don’t opt in. They get to the page and say “NO, I’m not handing over my information!” We can create ads on Facebook that will follow them all over Facebook to drive them back to your site to finish what they started. Signing up to your lead magnet offer.


Google also has a retargeting platform and the way that works is you create banner ads and when your past visitor is on other websites, your banners will be on that site reminding them of your offer.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

These are a set of the retargeting ads we have set up that follow people all over the web to remind them to come back to our website for our new monthly promotions. You’ll see I have my ads showing up on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. These ads show up nearly everywhere, all over the web, and you can be in front of your customers 24/7.





I’m going to fill you in on one more new customer attraction strategy I didn’t reveal in the previous videos but 9since we are talking about banner ads, I want to fill you in on this secret too. There’s an argument that not everyone is on Facebook, which is true. But damn near everyone is on the internet wouldn’t you agree! So how can you target people on the internet besides Facebook? Well you can do that with google’s geo targeting where you can target by zip code, gender, radius around your business, etc.

Here’s one of the ads we ran and here are the stats. We targeted men from 21-55 within a 2 mile radius of my bar. I got 114 men, interested in my football promotion. This was seen 45,488 times be thousands of men within my targeted radius on sites such as NY Times, Wall Street journal and wherever else my target audience was searching the web. Best part is we only paid $44!.

But here’s the strategy for business growth and and a lower futu25re advertising budget. I got 114 guys to my site 10who go to bars and who like football. They wouldn’t have wasted their time clicking on these ads would they?

But guess what. Now Ive pixeled them with my Facebook pixel and my google pixel. Now I can target ONLY these people whove shown interest in my business on Facebook or the millions of sites they could be on. Just to be clear, this is how I target brand new customers with targeted offers for pennies on the dollar to get them to my site so I can pixel them. Because where the real profit is made is in the re-targeting.

But guess what. Now Ive pixeled them with my Facebook pixel and my google pixel. Now I can target ONLY these people whove shown interest in my business on Facebook or the millions of sites they could be on. Just to be clear, this is how I target brand new customers with targeted offers for pennies on the dollar to get them to my site so I can pixel them. Because where the real profit is made is in the re-targeting.

Let me back track real quick and then we will move. One way of retargeting is targeting visitors who didn’t hand 11over their information to you. To convert them into potential customers with your lead magnet offer. The bonus way I just showed you is not retargeting, that’s a new customer attraction method to get people pixeled and over to your website.

Now i’m going to tell you the other retargeting strategy I use that will cut your marketing costs in half and make your e-mail marketing 80 times more powerful! As I said, re-targeting is all about re-marketing people who’ve been to your site, who’ve shown interest in your business.

So the other way I use re-targeting isn’t to get them back to opt in for a offer but to promote my NEW specials and promotions. Why? Because it’s so cheap and you’re nearly guaranteed to get your promotion in front of their eyes because they are searching the internet.

You could e-mail them but your open rate is only 20% and you have a email list of 1,000 people, there’s 800 people NOT knowing about your event this week right? So this is where -re-targeting your list comes into play and allows you to hit those 800 other people who didn’t see your ad.


Here’s stats from a recent retargeting campaign we did for a craft beer event we did. You’ll see the clicks are not that high. That wasn’t the goal. Look at the ad. We give them all the info they need. Our goal was to put the info in front of them. So we got over 5,000 impressions, to people who have been to our website, we ran this for 5 days before the event and paid $5.51 cents!

Whats Important Here

What I want you to walk away with right now is understanding the strategies to using retargeting. One retarget people who don’t have over their information so you can put them through your marketing follow up system. Two, retarget everyone who hits your website with banner ads for pennies on the dollar. Three, use google’s ad platform to target certain demographics in your area to just get them to your website so you can pixel them.

I want you to think of this as building a email or text list, just without asking for information.

Everything is going digital. Magazines, radio, newspapers, etc, etc. Retargeting is the wave of the future and it’s time you make a commitment to yourself and start implementing it now. If you need help, if you want guidance, if you want a automated LRVO system built for you with retargeting built in it, if you want done for you promotions delivered to you 30-60 days in advance, click the link below for more information.

[button_1 text=”Yes%20Nick%2C%20I%20Want%20To%20Know%20More%20About%20How%20You%20Can%20Set%20This%20Up%20For%20Me!%20″ text_size=”32″ text_color=”#000000″ text_bold=”Y” text_letter_spacing=”0″ subtext_panel=”N” text_shadow_panel=”Y” text_shadow_vertical=”1″ text_shadow_horizontal=”0″ text_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ text_shadow_blur=”0″ styling_width=”40″ styling_height=”30″ styling_border_color=”#000000″ styling_border_size=”1″ styling_border_radius=”6″ styling_border_opacity=”100″ styling_shine=”Y” styling_gradient_start_color=”#ffff00″ styling_gradient_end_color=”#ffa035″ drop_shadow_panel=”Y” drop_shadow_vertical=”1″ drop_shadow_horizontal=”0″ drop_shadow_blur=”1″ drop_shadow_spread=”0″ drop_shadow_color=”#000000″ drop_shadow_opacity=”50″ inset_shadow_panel=”Y” inset_shadow_vertical=”0″ inset_shadow_horizontal=”0″ inset_shadow_blur=”0″ inset_shadow_spread=”1″ inset_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ inset_shadow_opacity=”50″ align=”center” href=””/]