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I love the month of November because Thanksgiving is the kick off for the family holidays. In this video I’m going to reveal a promotion you should take part in that I’ve done the last few years for my second family, my loyal regulars. I’ll reveal every step you need to take to make this event extremely profitable and exciting for your loyal customers

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As you already know, your loyal customers are the lifeline to your business. You have to keep them happy and you have to express your love for them at times. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity!

What I do each year is I throw a Thanksgiving loyalty feast party for my loyal regulars where the first 75 people in the door will eat at no cost. We prepare turkey, mashed potatoes, potato salad, dressing, gravy, corn, etc, etc.

Besides that we also give away gift cards, glassware, t-shirts, and other cool prizes that we get from our liquor and beer vendors.

Now you might be thinking, “This seems like it will cost a lot of money, how the hell do you make a profit?” First let me say, you’ll profit in the long run by showing your love to your loyal customers but you’ll also make a pretty good profit the night of the event as well.

Let me explain how to set this promotion up so it’s a huge success for you.

Step #1 – Pick Date & Time

First, pick a date within the 2nd week of November. Before things start getting to crazy with holiday plans. Start this event around 6 or 6:30 and do prizes 1 hour after you serve the food to keep people around.

Step #2 – Get Some Or All Costs Covered

Then contact your food vendors and tell them about your event and you’d like to see if they’d help sponsor it. See if they’d be willing to give you some free turkeys, stuffing, or whatever you’d be serving. Contact a local grocery store and do the same thing. Each year we’ve been able to get half of the food donated to us and our food costs come out to about $2-$3 per person for this entire feast.

Then you want to contact your liquor and beer reps to see what they can do for prizes. Or you could also see if they can give you some kind of special on a case deal where you can run as the special drink of the night to make more profit to cover other food costs.

Step #3 – Get The Word Out

For this type of event, you don’t have to spend a penny on marketing. You use your customer list and employees to get the word out. Send out a e-mail. Send out a text. Make some phone calls. Let your most loyal customers know why you’re doing this and make sure they understand the urgency that this is limited to the first “x” amount of people who show up who are current customers.

The only restriction I ever have with this type of event, which we rarely need to enforce is that if they are going to get the free food, they have to buy at least 2 beverages so we break even on the food costs.

How Much Should You Expect To Make?

I don’t know your prices but we typically see about a $15 check average per person during this event when the food is free and we will do this on our slowest night of the week. This way we are able to double or triple our sales for that night and still provide a great value to our customers.

In this month’s membership of Bar Restaurant Success, you will get access to everything we use to promote this event, including a simple script you can use to contact food, liquor, and local sponsors to cover some of the costs for the party. If you’re interested in seeing what the Bar Restaurant Success program has to offer, just click the link below within the transcript to get access.


To get back on track, the reason a promotion like this is so important is because at the end of the day, your loyal customers are the lifeline to your business and you must show your appreciation towards them. The more you give, the more you will receive in business and in life.

Imagine how your customers will feel. Imagine their reaction. This is what keeps you on top of their minds when they consider going out to drink or eat.

I hope you got a bunch of value from this and again, if you want to get access to this promotion and the marketing execution plans, click here to check out the Bar Restaurant Success Inner Circle. I’ll see you on the next episode.


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