How 6 Average Bar & Restaurant Owners Made Between $8,160.46 And $59,625 From Sending The Same 3 E-mails

Video Case Study Shows You Step By Step, How To Create Big Pay Days For Your Bar Or Restaurant Following "The Solution" Strategy!

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    Some are calling this "The Holy Grail" of bar and restaurant marketing because it's responsible for creating some of the highest grossing promotions in the industry and it works for any bar or restaurant. Big city or small town.  
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    Discover The "John Lennon" Strategy & Have The Ultimate Advantage Over Your Competition! 

Hi, I'm Nick. Bar Restaurant Owner, Speaker, & Author Of the book Bar Restaurant Success: How To Double Your Loyal Customers & Become Unbeatable In Any Market, & The Strategist Behind "The Solution."

How Did I Come Up With Then Name "The Solution?" Because It Solved My Revenue Problems & Hundreds Of Other Owners As You'll See.

Why Spending 20 Minutes Out Of Your Very Busy Day To Watch This Is One Of The Smartest Things You Could Do This Week!

You're busy. You don't have even 20 minutes to yourself. I get it. I own a bar too. But if you're not happy with the revenue you're pulling in, chances are it's because you're spending way to much time working IN your business vs ON your business. Agree?

And if that's true, how in the hell are you going to increase your revenue when you have no time? You won't. You'll be stuck working 40-60 hours a week. That's what I call having a job, not a business! 

The truth is, you have 20 minutes! And right now you've got the opportunity to discover a marketing and promotional strategy that can give you one of the biggest competitive advantages over your competition!

There's a reason I've been asked by Jon Taffer, National Restaurant Association, Nightclub & Bar, and others to speak about this simple, yet effective, 3 step strategy..... Because it works & it's created some of the highest grossing promotions for solo operators! 

Here's Just A Few Case Studies You'll See In This Video That Shares Proof, Backend Access, To The Secret System That Made These Results Possible. 

“Close To $30,000 In Added Revenue.”

“Nick's 3 step Solution Campaign brought in close to $30,000 in added sales from booking small to large parties and groups at my venue. Never did I think sending 3 emails over 7 days could bring me this kind of return for the next few months. I'm in a small town of just 15,000 people. "

Matt Woelfel 
- Owner Ground Round Waconia, MN 

“$13,125 In Added Sales"

“Nick gave us a 3 step e-mail campaign to run that was designed to get smaller groups of people in our doors and after he sent them out for us, it brought us around $13,125 in additional sales over a 5 week time period. We saw around 875 people walk through our doors, just from this!” 

Jason Walker
- Owner Riverview Raw Bar & Chill, Charlotte, NC

“10,000-$12,000 In Additional Sales"

Nick’s 3 step e-mail campaign he gave us brought us between $10,000-$12,000 in additional sales"

Owner Scotland Yard Pub, Rochester, NY

 Why Are You Giving This Away If It's So "Powerful & Profitable?" What's The Catch?

No catch. I'll be brutally honest with you. This is how I attract new clients. My strategy is pretty simple. Provide value by teaching bar and restaurant owners new, simple ways to grow their revenue and double their loyal customers with strategies they've never tried.

And the best way to do that and prove that it works is by showcasing real results, backend access, to others I've worked with. Then show them exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Some owners/managers take the information and apply it themselves, which I is totally cool. I can't help everyone. And some reach out to me to set up "The Solution" for them and run more marketing campaigns for them. 

This isn't some "sales video" where you're asked to buy anything, but I do give you the chance to apply to work with me one on one. And if we do end up working together, yes you can test out "The Solution" for 30 days risk free, no financial commitment on your end.

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