Press The Play Button Now To Discover The Fastest & Least Riskiest Way Bar & Restaurant Owners Are Getting New Customers In Their Doors.


If you want more new customers in your doors but you....

1. Fear spending money on advertising due to past failures and you feel like it's a waste of money.

2. You're too busy working IN the business vs ON the business and just can't find the time to learn how to get new customers in your doors at a profit - and because of it, you know you're stuck and are out of options.

Then this is for you.

In the next few moment’s you’re going to discover the “VOP Strategy” for creating a rush of new, paying customers in your bar or restaurant.

The good news?  

You ONLY pay if we bring you at least 5 times the setup cost (which is less than any coupon book or recurring mailer you’re doing right now).  

You read that correctly 5 TIMES…

Not 4 times (which would still be awesome)

Not 3 times (which still NO other advertiser can guarantee)

Not 2 times or even break even…

You literally ONLY PAY if we get you back 5 times what you invest. No strings attached.

OK… maybe one string… you have to qualify (more on that in a moment).

​Now you’re probably wondering- How will we know how much money we’ve helped you bring in?

Great question! Our unique system tracks everything instantly, and automatically.

Just Think about it like this....

Could you go to your local newspaper, radio station, Facebook, or any ad agency and ask them to guarantee $500 in sales for every $100 you spend?

Hell no!!!!

But what someone not only offered that, but guaranteed it?

Think about that!  

What if they told you the only thing you paid for… was advertising that made you FIVE TIMES the amount you spent?


Anything less than that doesn’t cost you a single penny!

How that would change your life? What would your business look like, if you knew there was ZERO RISK in advertising.

I already know… because it SAVED my bar here in Rockford

You become confident that you know you could turn on new customers at will, just like pulling the tap handle and out comes the beer… and that’s an awesome feeling.  

OK so, Who Qualifies?

Look, I can’t help every single owner - like those who are about to shut their doors or have a horrible reputation. The VOP strategy will NOT work for those types of establishments.

Here's who I can help:

1. You must have a reputable business with a Facebook page. 


2. You must be willing to let me use your case study as the ones you've seen in the video above (this is one of the main reasons I’m doing this so inexpensively. I want to create a booklet of 50-75 case studies as I'll be licensing this out soon for much much more.)


3. You must live in the United States.

If you meet those 3 simple criteria, click the link below to apply for this opportunity and set up a 15-20 minute call with me.

The 2 Possible Outcomes 

From Our Call Together

Scenario #1  - which i believe is the most likely to occur

You'll say "Wow, this is amazing.I want you to help me get more new customers in my doors & give me a huge advantage over my competition!" and then you and I will work together with my team to get it up and running within 5 business days.

Scenario #2 - Unlikely

EIther you or I say “This isn't as cool as we were hoping it would be.”


In the unlikely event that scenario #2 occurs... I'll have my team send you a few hundred dollars worth of some of my best marketing strategies and promotions to help you attract and retain more customers- on the house.

It's my way of saying "Thanks for applying and taking your time to talk to me.”


That's how confident I am that the VOP strategy is the "missing link" bar and restaurant owners have been searching for, for so long. You're either totally amazed or you get a few hundred dollars worth of gifts for your time- on me.

Click the link below and let’s jump on the phone and see if you’re the next bar or restaurant owner to make a complete transformation.