By Nick Fosberg   |   June 14, 2014

Crowded Bar | LRVO Formula

If you’re a bar restaurant owner, even a nightclub owner, who is seeing a decrease in sales or not seeing as many new customers walk in your doors, then listen up.

I know, I know, I know! The economy is shit! Competition is slashing prices. That’s the reason for decreased sales. I hear you! But in reality, none of this matters if you do one simple marketing tactic that I can GUARANTEE your competition isn’t doing! Let me explain.

Here’s a screen shot I took from one of my clients emails that was sent to me. (Click on the image if you can’t read it.)

Nick Testimonial

Can I ask you: When is the last time you received a comment back like this when it came from your marketing?

If you’re like most bar restaurant owners, it’s been a very long time or maybe even never. I’m not talking about someone commenting on how great the service was, what a good time they had at your place — but someone who responds to your MARKETING MESSAGE thanking you / appreciating you / telling you they WANT to continue to do business with YOU!

If never, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. In today’s market we MUST make a small change in the way we market our bars / restaurants that you may be unaware of. Good news for you, I’m telling you the simple secrets today.

Let me cover three VERY IMPORTANT elements within this response and then I’ll tell you how you can easily gain customer loyalty with BRAND NEW CUSTOMERS just like Gary with little very effort.

1. When people tell you directly they like your marketing…

When you start getting people e-mailing you and calling you and telling you in person that they love your marketing or are responding to your bar restaurant marketing strategy, you know it’s WORKING and you know you’re gaining customer loyalty. Very important to know this these days!

2. When people tell you your messages are unique…

When someone tells you they’ve NEVER received a message like this from another bar restaurant owner, what does this tell you you’ve done? THAT YOU’VE DONE YOUR JOB OF STANDING OUT FROM THE REST OF THE COMPETITION!!!

You know, those competitors who are slashing prices just to get people in door? Who are doing everything they can to out beat you! Isn’t this one of the hardest things to do today? Stand out from everyone else? It’s NOT, it’s very simple. More on this in a second.

3. When customers tell you they’re going to recommend friends…

This customer says they are going to recommend Gary’s business to all their friends. Customer referrals are more profitable and 10 times more powerful then any other form of bar restaurant marketing. Don’t you agree?

So how did Gary get a response like this from his customer?

Gary is client of mine and we implemented my LRVO (Loyal Regular Value Optimization) Marketing & Promotional Formula into his business. Within this formula we send out a very personal letter within 24 hours after capturing the person’s contact information. We capture their information by offering them a “Lead Magnet” — a valuable offer that benefits the customer.

Within this letter we talk to our new customer on a personal level, we build a relationship, we build trust, and we build credibility! What does this do? It gets you responses like Gary got. But more importantly, you STAND OUT from the competition and makes this NEW customer WANT to do business with you over anyone else.

So think about it. If this one letter made this one person feel this way and take the time to get on their computer and write Gary an e-mail, how do you think everyone else feels when they read this letter?

Exactly! Just the same way!

How would you like 20-30-40 people month after month to feel this way about you?

What if people felt this way about your business? How would you like to STAND OUT and be appreciated by NEW customers?

What do you think this could do to your sales?

If you want an easier, more profitable, and faster way to double the size of your loyal regulars, then you need to implement my LRVO Formula into your business.

(Photo courtesy of Sam Saunders.)

Nick Fosberg

Nick Fosberg is known as one of the highest paid, marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and he owns 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business..... without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & Facebook posts. 

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