By Nick Fosberg   |   June 16, 2014

Many people are huge fans of Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

There are numerous people that are getting huge results with Facebook ads. That leads to many bar owners asking if there are reasons they should be looking into Twitter advertising, too.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter has just recently launched their advertising platform. Is there any big difference between Facebook ads and Twitter ads platform? What are the benefits of Twitter ads compared to Facebook ads? These are questions that may be begging for answers in the minds of many bar restaurant owners.

The aim of this article is to highlight the benefits of Twitter ads vis-à-vis Facebook ads.

Twitter has come a long way since it was launched a few years ago. Twitter also has an array of benefits that Facebook does not have. One of these benefits is the advertising options that Twitter offer.

Facebook only has only a one-size advertising option; Twitter has several.

Twitter offers different sizes with their ads. This has many advantages especially for bar restaurant owners, and other people who want to get their message and advertisement to many people on different platforms through social media marketing.

Twitter native advertising offers the opportunity for ads to be in the Twitter stream itself as opposed to off the sides that facebook ads platform offer. This makes Twitter ads to be cost efficient than that of its counterpart. Your advertising is embedded in your twitter stream. So, it looks more natural than ads that are by the sides of news feed.

Twitter users do not have to look to the left or right of the twitter stream for your ads to be seen.

This, of course, is a great advantage compared to facebook marketing. It also guarantees more value for your advertising money.

Twitter also has the advantage of seeing ads natively on both mobile and desktop. This advertising option of viewing ads natively on mobile and desktop is not possible with facebook ads set up. This gives your ads more reach and exposure to many people on different platforms.

In addition, there are many actions that the viewers of your ads can take. It is not only possible for them to click on the link that is in the ads; they can also save the ads to their Twitter public list. Ads can also be retweeted which gives your advertising more exposure at no extra cost.

All these little extras are only available on Twitter, and these are not possible with facebook advertising platform.

But wait, there’s more!

Moreover, Twitter also gives you the option of either doing your advertising until it runs out at a consistent rate. Your ads can also be blasted initially, and the rest of the ads can be allowed to run out within a specific time frame. So, it is possible to send time–sensitive tweets with Twitter ads. Not only that, Twitter ads also operate on a cost per click and the advertiser is only charged for the first click. Subsequent actions like re-tweets of ads are not billed.

Targeting, targeting, targeting

Just like Facebook advertising platform, Twitter ads also work on targeting followers who are interested in your services or products. There is also the chance of targeting the followers of your competitors. It is possible to be specific about geographical location or interests of your clients, just like with Facebook.

For instance, bar restaurant owners can target early-crowd customers. The people in this category are usually between 30 and 55. There are also later-crowd customers, with the category of people that falls in this group between 21 and 27. These people can be targeted based on age groups, genders and interests.

Capturing names and contact info

Another wonderful feature of Twitter ads is that, just like Facebook, it drives people to lead capture page or website. Recently, twitter launched a brand new product called “Lead Generation Card.” With this product, prospective leads do not have to leave twitter before they can sign up on your website.

Lead Generation Card is a small card with an image and up to 50 characters. The card also has a call-to-action (CTA) button that is amazing. The card can be customized to your taste. It also connects with CRMs that make Twitter advertising effective.

Lead Generation Card may cost you some money, but the amazing part of it is the fact that you have a little advertisement of whatever promotion you are selling right in your Twitter stream. The tool may be small, but the effectiveness is simply awesome. It also makes your advertising looks natural. It offers you opportunity of advertising your services and products to prospective leads right in your tweets.

Twitter advertising is a versatile tool for bar restaurant owners to get their products out to the right audience. It is also a powerful tool in diversifying your promotion to gain fresh leads to your services. Twitter ads will lead to more profit through increase in sales.

It is true that many bar restaurant owners are more familiar with Facebook marketing and advertising. However, the reasons presented above are strong enough for bar owners to be looking into Twitter ads as a means of gaining massive exposure to their services and products.


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