I Want To Give You My $1,997.00 100/80/20 LRVO Marketing Masterclass Training That'll Help You Get More New Customers In Your Doors At A Profit & To Turn A Good Portion Of Them Into Loyal Repeat Customers! 

For FREE......


I want you to be 100% honest with yourself. 

Do you want to increase your revenue?  

Do you seriously feel you have enough loyal repeat customers to bring the consistent cash flow you really want week after week?

Is the answer YES?

Or is it NO?

If the answer is no… then it’s NOT going to somehow magically get better next week or next month or next year.

It’s going to get worse.

And this will not happen slowly. The erosion will happen fast, if you haven’t already noticed.

If you’re waiting for something “magical” to happen, then this ancient Chinese proverb speaks to your situation:

“He who stand on side of hill waiting for 
roast duck to fly in mouth soon starve.”

Great news. 

I want to give you, at no charge, the exact marketing formula and strategies that just recently:

  • Brought a bar & restaurant owner nearly $10,000 in net sales in just 10 days, without spending one penny on advertising.
  • Brought in $33,099 in sales in 120 days for Kerry, the GM of Hurricane's.  (The first promotion alone did $18,553.00 in sales.)
  • Added almost $15,000 in food and drink sales in just 7 days for Tim who owns Eagle Creek Golf Club & Grill - zero marketing dollars being used.
  • Increased sales by an average of 68% for a weekly promotion for AJ's Bar & Grill.
  • Increased sales by 30% for a pizzeria owner outside of Chicago in just one week - zero ad dollars.

I could go on and on but I’m going to stop there.

And you’re probably saying “How do I know this is true? I’m reading this on the internet! How do I know this isn’t FAKE news?”

I’d be saying the same thing if I were you! So let me answer that and also let others speak for themselves.

Big Breakthroughs Happen In Every Industry,
And Some Will Argue, This To Be One Of Them.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been invited by the National Restaurant Association, Jon Taffer, Nightclub and Bar, Foodable TV, and many others to speak at their events about how to increase revenues through marketing online.

The reason I'm invited is mainly due to the fact I put out more proven case studies than anyone else and the 100/80/20 LRVO Marketing Formula I teach, is 100% different then what has been taught to bar and restaurant owners for the last 5-10 years.

Here’s What’s Crazy!

I sometimes have a hard time believing I’m responsible for creating the results I'm creating for these owners.

Like Brendan from Tropics for example.

He almost did 10k in net sales in just 10 days from this ONE Facebook post. This was in the first 10 days of us working together (This is showing 20 hour results!)

Then There’s David Who Got Exactly 120 Offers Redeemed In His
Restaurant In Just 7 Days - Zero Ad Cost

Brian From Barley House Got 180 

Offers Redeemed Over 2 Weeks Time - Zero Marketing Costs!

Then There’s Kerry From Hurricane’s Bar & Grill Who Did $33,099 In Additional Sales In 120 Days In A Tough Market!

Here's What He Had To Say...

"The first promotion we ran serviced 404 customers for a total of $18,553 in sales. Our VIP text message bonus we sent 3 times cost us just $20.04 and it brought in $2,023 in sales. Our VIP e-mail offer, which costs nothing to do has brought us $10,552 in sales. Plus we’ve ran several other simple promotions to bring us to a total of $33,099 in sales.

We are now showing a break even status over the past 120 days compared to the -8.8% loss we had experienced this year prior due to changes in our market. A market that has 40 bars and restaurants in a 5 block radius. A market that has seen huge restraints by the CITY that affects our overall strategy and business plan. A market plagued by economy issues, millennials and over saturation. A market that is highly seasonal.

So to find a system that can overcome all these obstacles and still come out on top! All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!

If you still have doubts, ask yourself what have you done today to improve your business? John Taffer tells us "we don't have an expense problem we have a revenue problem, fix the revenue and your expenses go away."

This is by far the most cost effective, income producing, expense fixing solution I have found in over 35 years of doing this business.”

Almost $50,000 In Increased Revenue In Just 30 Days!

As You Can See, Bar & Restaurant Owners Are Seeing Fast,
Record Gains From Making Simple Little Changes To Their
Marketing Strategy, And You Could Be Doing The Same Thing!

The 3 of the 4 case studies I just shared with you are from one to two week results using just ONE NEW marketing strategy they’ve never heard of or used.

Let Me Ask You This….

Would you like to get even a quarter of those results if I could show you how with practically zero money coming out of your pocket? And be able to do that 3-4 times per year, with it only taking 20-25 minutes to make happen each time?

Would you like me to personally help you leverage a totally new marketing strategy that will damn near make you an unstoppable marketing and profit producing machine, where your competitors are going to look at you and ask if you’re doing something illegal?

If so, here’s how.

Join My 100/80/20 LRVO Marketing Formula
Masterclass On Tuesday, January 23rd For FREE
& Don’t Pay The $1,997.00

I’m going to be teaching a 6 week, step by step training on how to set up and apply the 100/80/20 LRVO formula into YOUR bar or restaurant starting on January 23rdth.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be live on every call if you don’t want. You’ll get the recordings and be able to keep them forever, plus get continued support from me if you need it.

Ill get into the details of the masterclass, but this is more important for you to know.

After the 6 week masterclass is over, I will be adding it to my online training center and it will be selling for $1,997.00 (and I still think that’s too cheap for the results you’ll get).

The "Catch" To
My Shameless Bribe....

Yes, there’s a small catch to my offer. As you know, nothing in life is 100% free. My free offer is a simple little bribe for you to take a 30 day test ride of my BARS Inner Circle Program where you’ll receive my personal support and continued done for you promotional trainings that have been proven to increase revenue.

This program is designed for me to keep helping you with the 100/80/20 LRVO marketing formula in order to get you to the revenue you really want to be making. 

Before I get into my shameless little bribe, I want to tell you why now is the time to make a change in your business, who this masterclass is for, and what to expect.

Why You Should Take Advantage Of This Masterclass,
Even If You Had To Pay The $1,997

It’s going to change your life for the better. Financially and emotionally. Faster than anything else you’ve tried.

Listen, I’ve been there. Lost. Frustrated. Doing everything I could to get new customers in my doors, to increase business, with no luck. Spending a thousand or more some months, seeing zero results. Seeing my competition busier then me. Having to pull money from separate accounts to pay my bars bills.

You may not be in as bad of a situation as I was once in when I first got into this business, but right this second, you know deep down you want better results - or you wouldn’t have read this far!

Be honest. You want more customers walking in your doors. You want any advantage you can get over your competition. You know there’s a better way to increase revenue then what you’re currently doing.

But The Truth Is….

You’ve been holding yourself back because you’ve been so busy juggling other things in your business.

Maybe you’re just like the other 50% of owners and operators who come to me for help - you just don’t know where to start and you fear losing your marketing dollars because what if what you try doesn’t work!

Maybe you’ve done some research on marketing, but there’s so many different strategies and experts telling you 100 different things, that you’re exhausted even thinking of trying.

So you then make yourself busy in “other work” that’s easier on you, but doesn’t get you to where you really want to be, so that you feel better about not trying.

You might be saying “Holy shit Nick. You’re just about 100% correct on everything you just said!”

Yes, I know. I’ve been there. It's not fun. Plus, I’ve worked with well over 500, maybe even 1000 owners now in the last 7 years. Listening to their pains and frustrations about growing and running their business.

You’re not alone. This is common. But there is a better way!

This Is Your Fastest & Least Riskiest Path
To Finally Achieve What You’re Really After

Growing a bar or restaurant business that has been flatlined with growth or even worse, slowly losing profits, isn’t easy to quickly turn around if you don’t have a proven strategy to work with.

Good news is, I can give you that proven strategy and personally help you implement it into your business to finally get you what you want, and do it much faster then you trying to go at this alone.

Very Important!!!!
This Masterclass ISN’T For Everyone

I’m not going to bullshit you. I’d like to tell you to swallow the “secret” pill and all your problems will go away and money will flood your registers. But it’s not that easy. Trust me I wish it was!

You’re going to have to sacrifice time, hard work, and the willingness to learn something totally new. You’re going to have to be committed to your success. If you know you’re stuck, if you know you need to make a change, then your only option is learning how to apply today’s most advanced, yet most profitable marketing strategies to your business.

​Here's What You're Going To
Get Out Of This Masterclass

Over these 6 weeks you're going to get step by step training videos that's going to teach you how to implement the 100/80/20 LRVO Marketing Formula into your business which is going to bring you more new customers at  profit. 

Instead of you having just one or two ways to attract new customers, you'll have 4 or 5 that are proven to get you the highest ROI. Knowing how to get new customers in your doors will NEVER be an issue again. Neither will the fear of losing your marketing dollars.

I'm going to personally be able to help you create your offers and marketing messages that will attract new customers and get them in your doors fast. The way we do this is using urgency but also "relationship" based marketing that builds instant trust and credibility with our new customers.

Besides Knowing How To Attract New Customers, The Most Profitable Marketing Strategy You're Going To Master Is "Re-Marketing" To Existing Customers & How To Do This In A Way Where It Continues To Build Relationship With Them, But Also Give You The Highest Return On Your Marketing Dollars!

Adam who owns AJ’s Bar & Grill said this, because of re-marketing to his customer lists and audiences.

“One new promotion has increased sales by 68% for that night and the other is up 101% each time we run it, once a month. Both promotions, are the most successful we've ran since we've opened and I couldn't have done this without Nick's guidance and marketing plan..”

This is what happens when you STOP marketing to the masses and focus ONLY on marketing to people who WANT to do business with you!

Or Look Back At Kerry’s
Testimonial Up Top….

Those VIP promotions, he remarked through text messaging that cost him $20.04 and it brought in $2,023. That’s a 9,994.81% ROI

The other was email, which is pretty much free but brought him $10,552.00 in sales.

Here’s What Should Really
Matter To You Right Now

This masterclass is going to be one of the most valuable trainings I’ve ever done that will take your marketing, promotions, and revenue to the next level (If you do the work.)

I will be selling this for $1,997 starting the end of March, but you’re able to get it free today and get private coaching from me alone the way.

I’m putting this together in a way where anyone who is WILLING to learn, WILLING to sacrifice TIME to grow their business, and WILLING to invest in themselves - can get 10x better results then they are currently getting.

Receive This $1997.00 Training & The Personal Coaching
From Me For Just Testing Out One Month Of The.....

The sole purpose is to help bar and restaurant operators like you, get the most profitable marketing services you need to make more money and automate your business at the lowest price possible, while delivering personalized coaching and done for you marketing campaigns that you need with these services to get the fastest results possible without going through trial and error.

While at the same time, continue to build a community of owners / operators who want to help each other and provide value to one another.

With that said, if you want to make more money, have an edge over your competition, surround yourself with successful owners / operators / managers from around the country, and get the lowest pricing on the most profitable marketing services you should be using to attract and retain customers, then this is for you.

Ron McMillan
Sneaky's Sports Bar & Grill - Largo, FL

The BARS Inner Circle is exactly what I was looking for. Being able to get advice and opinions from all the successful owners within the group is a huge benefit. Our industry has needed a group like this and now we finally have it

The Bar And Restaurant Success Inner Circle

Component 1
Marketing & Done For You Services That Every Bar or Restaurant SHOULD Be Using

Keep In Mind, You Are Not Obligated To Use These Services To Be A Member. They Are Included. But As You'll See, You'll Want These Because These Are Just A Few Of The Most Profitable Marketing Strategies You Can Be Using & That Nick Will Help You Use To Grow Your Business!

Service #1 WIFI Lead Capture System To
Build Your Most Valuable Asset On Autopilot!

First thing you’re going to get is a WIFI lead capture system which is where we will place a WIFI router in your business and for anyone who wants to use your WIFI, you don’t give them a password. Instead they log in with Facebook, or other social media account, or even their email address, which no matter how they log in, the system puts their personal e-mail from their account into a e-mail marketing database.

Here’s what’s great. If you’re already using a e-mail marketing service, we can have these contacts go directly into your current system automatically within seconds.

If you don’t have a e-mail marketing service, we are going to set you up with one and do all the legwork to make sure each contact goes directly into your own database.

To make this even better, we're going to set up a automated e-mail to follow up with your customer 2 hours after they've been added asking how their service was. This blows people away and they love the attention to detail and that you CARE about their experience. This sets off a great long term relationship.

Plus we will add them to a campaign that will also ask them if they want to join your text program (I haven't told you about the crazy texting deal I have for you but this is a automated way to get people into your text program 365 days a year) It's all about leverage. How can you create systems that build valuable assets you can use again and again to drive in sales!

Why You Need WIFI Lead
Capture & E-mail Marketing

Now why would you want a WIFI lead capture system or want a e-mail list? Well, I’m assuming you’re giving these paying customers a great experience when they are at your establishment right?

The truth is, these people are the most profitable people on the planet to re-market to in the future to come back in for new promotions and specials. And I’m assuming you want them to come back over and over right, instead of risking hundreds if not thousands on trying to always attract new customers? Perfect.

I can tell you all day long, e-mail marketing is the key to growing your sales and customers, but let’s look at some other proof. According to Forrester 72% of adults send or receive personal emails from their smart phone, and this was back in 2014. I’m sure that’s much higher today.

What does this mean? That you can reach more than 70% of your customers on a device they are ALWAYS checking, in order to get them back in the door and to build stronger relationships with them.

According to Direct Marketing Association e-mail marketing averages a 4,300% ROI for small businesses in the US. I’ll tell you why most owners have never seen a 4,300% ROI on a week to week basis and how to make that happen when I tell you about a special bonus I have for you at the end.

Service #2 - Text Message Marketing
For Less Then A Penny Per Text!

The next service included is text message marketing. If you were to google texting services for bars and restaurants, you’ll find the average cost to be .03 to .05 cents per text. In order to even get to that .03 cent mark, you have to typically send thousands of texts to get that rate. Being a inner circle member you only pay .009 cents per text no matter if it’s 100 texts or 20,000 texts.

Let me ask you this, how many people do you know, that DOESN’T have a cell phone? How often do you check your phone and read your text messages?

Here’s What’s Great About
Text Message Marketing.

  1. Stats show that 98.7% of people read their text messages within 20 minutes of getting it.
  2. If someone personally gives you their cell phone number to receive texts, there’s a reason. They WANT text offers from you and they are telling you they WANT to come back more often.

Think about that. Let’s say you have a slow time of year coming up or you know a certain day is always slow and you have a text list of 1,000 people, which isn’t out of the ordinary when you have this WIFI system that then gets people into your text program for you.

Out of the 1,000 people, 987 people who pretty much told you “I WANT YOU TO TEXT ME WITH OFFERS BECAUSE I WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM” will read your special offer within 20 minutes. If you have a great offer tied to your text, you could get 10-20-30 people in the door for just $9 for that text message!

Service #3 - Done For You, Daily
Specials Facebook Postings

If you want to take another thing off your plate or your managers plate, we will post your daily specials to your Facebook page, every day! It’s pretty simple.

You tell us what you’re Monday through Sunday specials are and we will make sure they posted on a daily basis so you don’t have to worry about it. Just one more thing not to worry about that is critical to your branding and success.

Most companies will charge you $150-$200 per social media account to do daily postings for you. With that said, you're going to be shocked at how this inner circle program can literally save you hundreds of dollars a month just on the services you should be using to build your brand and sales!

Component #2
Coaching / Support / Community

What I Believe To Be The Most Valuable
Component Of This Inner Circle.....

It's the guidance, support, and knowledge you or your manager, gets and needs, in order to make good money with these marketing services, but also to be able to help you and guide you in any other areas where you may feel stuck.

For example: You can take the lessons and content you're about to hear about and learn some pretty cool things, but lose momentum and drive. You always need that inspiration, that motivation. You need feedback, and you need real help when you’re stuck.

Well the same applies to when you are paying for marketing services. You get them, you start using them and you don’t see the results the company tells you that others are getting with their services.


Maybe you get the services because you see how they can really help you, but you’re confused on how to use them, or you get so caught up in the day to day work you just don’t have the time to use them, which if you did, you’d make way more money.

If this happens, you need help or maybe it's your manager who needs help. And what better help can you get then from someone who is actually doing this stuff daily, not only for himself, but has done for thousands of other bar and restaurant owners around the country, and who has plenty of case studies and testimonials to prove it?

John Blatt
Owner The Big Kahuna at Bacchus Waikiki, HI

I highly suggest any bar or restaurant owner to join the BARS Inner Circle membership. The services alone are worth every penny and they are services that we should all be using if keeping our marketing costs and getting a higher ROI are important to us. But where I see the most value is having access to Nick when I need advice to grow my sales and getting new promotional ideas and marketing strategies delivered to me every month!

 2 Live Video Conferences
Every Other Week!

Every other week, you and I get on a video conference with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:

#1 - Increasing New Customers
Walking In Your Doors

We'll do this by looking at what you're currently doing right now and then tweak your strategy to 1-2 proven strategies I use every single day myself and with my 10k coaching clients. We might change up your offer. We might change up the way you're trying to get their attention.

The bottom line is, we’ll work LIVE to get more sales coming into your business.

Matt Woelfel
Owner Ground Round Waconia, MN

The first new customer marketing campaign we ran with Nick got 846 customers to take action on the first offer. Within the first 2 weeks we've seen 518 customers use these offers, in which they brought 2-3 others with them on their visit. This has brought in over $6,000 in sales, over 1,000 customers, and we only spent $400 on Facebook ads!

Jason Walker
Owner Riverview Raw Bar, Charlotte, NC

We've been open for about 8 months and had been spending quite a bit of money on mass media marketing such as newspaper and radio with very little results. After Nick implementing his lead magnet offer and marketing execution plan into our business we saw 800-900 new customers walk in our doors within 60 days!”

#2 New Promotions To Drive New
& Existing Customers In More Often

As you know, new promotions are essential to your success. People get bored with the same old specials and promotions. Don't get me wrong, I have 2 promotions now I've been running for 6 years now, but there's plenty of others that die out.

If you have a slow night, I'll give you the easiest solutions to first figure out what type of promotions your customers would be most engaged with by actually getting them to tell us. Then I'll help you put a action and marketing plan in place to execute and get the job done ASAP so you start making more money, instead of procrastinating - or your manager from procrastinating.

Owner Valerie's Lounge Fort Myers, FL

Our Tuesday sales have doubled after 4 weeks of running one of Nick’s interactive promotions that we followed and our customers absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Nick.

Sean Kobos
Owner Crafty Rooster Conway, SC

Just one promotional idea Nick gave me increased our weekly sales by $500 in the first 4 weeks. After that $900 per week. Our total sales from a year ago are now up 23% thanks to Nick’s guidance, systems, and promotional ideas.

#3 Increase Repeat Sales
& Backend Sales

Lets face it, the easiest customers to spend more money with you are existing, happy, repeat customers. But the truth is 8 out of 10 owners I've ever worked with actually know how to tap into this market and create instant cash flow.

Because we will be building a e-mail and text list, I'll help you create offers and marketing messages to target your customer database to get them in the doors. I'll also help you with a new "ninja" way of targeting ONLY your email and text list with offers and promotions on Facebook so you get the highest ROI possible.

Most people think you need to hit the masses to get results where the truth is, if you focus 90% of your time on marketing to ONLY the people who like you, trust you, and want to do business with you (Your VIP / Loyalty List) you can make thousands in return while spending very little! 

#4 Take More Time Off &
Enjoy Life A Little More

I'm sure the reason you got into the bar or restaurant business was to have a business that ran itself and provided you with the income you needed to do what you want, when you want, right? But the truth is most owners don't ever get to that level. They are usually working more hours then they want and not as much money as they'd like.

I will help you week after week find ways to offset certain tasks and jobs that you're doing, that you don't want to be doing, and how to hand those off to someone else using simple systems and checklists that hold your staff and managers accountable.

But this gets even better....We're just getting started!

 A Monthly Newsletter Delivered To
Your Door By First Class Mail

This is a good, old fashioned, PRINTED newsletter – complete with three holes already punched in each one so you can put them into the storage binder I’m also sending you today.

I’m deliberately taking the extra effort (and incurring the extra cost) to bind, print, and ship this to you instead of just having a “digital version” because I know you’ll get more out of it if you can take it to a quiet place – notepad in hand – and read it without the endless distractions that your computer / Ipad throws at you every day.

Every issue is between 16 and 24 pages, and is like a hard core marketing seminar in print, delivered straight to your door via first class mail every single month.

It’s LOADED with marketing news, forecasts, trends, strategies, tactics, and case studies revealing what’s working RIGHT NOW in both of my bars but also in my clients and other members!

…And I think your favorite section of the newsletter will be the section called,

Get Money Now is a fully deployable marketing campaign in a box, and here’s what I mean by that.

You’re getting the step by step blueprint, everything, literally walking you, or your manager through how to implement a brand new marketing campaign or promotion for your bar or restaurant. And again, if you can’t figure out how to make it work - I’ll help you!

And these are campaigns that I'm actually using myself or that my clients are using within their business. But lets say this promotion / campaign "won't" work for you - that's ok because what's important is the STRATEGY of the campaign. Any strategy can be applied to any business, you just need to think outside the box on how to customize that to your business model / brand which I'll help you with!

#4 Step By Step
Implementation Videos

Every month in the newsletter, I give you marketing tactics, strategies, and marketing campaign's that are working.

And in order to make 100% sure you can use this stuff – implement it – and see results, I’m also giving you training videos where I personally show you how to use everything I’ve given you.

You can put them on your computer, upload them to the “cloud”, play them on your phone, your tablet, or anywhere else you want.

The bottom line is this: I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it and if any of it is confusing, jump on the live video conference with me and we'll do it TOGETHER!

Pam Williams
Shot Spot - Bartonville, IL

Being a member of the BARS Inner Circle gives you the opportunity to have Nick on your own team and point you in the right direction when it comes to increasing sales, attracting new customers, and simplify your life. If you've ever felt stuck, unsure, confused on where you're at in your business, how to attract new customers, then test out the membership for just a month and you'll see how that feeling goes away!

And the reason why I'm doing all this for you is because I KNOW this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about.

Plus, if you get the results you’re after – you’ll probably stay a member and that's my goal! Give 110% of my best advice, strategies, tactics in a way that are easy to learn and implement in order to get you the results you're after. I don't want to chase new members. I want members for life. Just like we want loyal repeat customers for life. Only way that is possible is over-deliver and give a great experience!

 #5 Private Facebook

You'll also get access to our private Facebook group where you have access to all our members! I can't tell you how much I've learned from clients I've worked with over the years. Think about it. Out of all the bars and restaurants in the world, there's some pretty smart, out of the box thinking owners and operators. 

Being able to have access to them for support and guidance could save you hours and hours of work and thousands of dollars in profits. As Warren Buffett stated in the video above "It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes."

Take advantage of this group to get all the help you need without making all the mistakes you'd possibly make on your own. 

Here's How Much Everything "Costs" & How I'm Able To Bring You The Lowest Pricing On The Marketing Services In The Industry....

My mission is to bring the most profitable marketing strategies and services to you with the support and guidance YOU need to get the results YOU want faster and easier, but also being able to provide these services at the lowest price possible.

The truth is, the way you out-beat your competition and have customers / members for life, you must provide more value, better service, and better experiences right?

So that's what I'm doing! 

What You'd Typically Pay With Other Companies
Just for The Marketing Services!

  • WIFI Lead Capture $100-$150 A Month - Some Are As High As $200 A Month Because They Also Include E-mail Automation As We're Doing To
  • E-mail Marketing $30-$50 A Month
  • Texting Services - Average .03-.05 Per Text. To Get To The .03 Level You Usually Have To Send Hundreds, If Not At Least 1,000 Texts. We've Got You Covered At Less Then A Penny Whether You Send 10 or 10,000!
  • Every Day Facebook Postings - Most Social Media Companies Charge $97-$150 Per Social Account

When You Become A.....

Member Today You Only Pay....

Use Other Companies

More Expensive & Frustrating Route...

  • WIFI Lead Capture - $100-$150 Month
  • Facebook Posting Daily ($100-$150 Month)
  • E-mail Marketing ($30-$50 Month)
  • Texting .03-.05 Cents Average
    2,000 texts a month = $60-$100 Month

$ 300-$500 month

Get All Those Services Plus The Highest Level & Support / Guidance / Coaching To Get You The Results You Want FAST!

$197 / month

$197 Per Month w/ No Commitment
That's Just $6.47 A Day.....

Now, if you do the math, this membership is $6.47 a day. $6.47 a day! That’s just a few beers or a appetizer sold a day. Let’s face it. $6.47 isn’t going to change your life today, a couple beers and appetizer won’t change your life, but the work we do together can change your life and business forever.

There is a extra fee of $300 for the set up and shipping fee's, however I'm going to waive that $300 for all the first time members that join during our launch. After this launch I'm expecting the membership to raise to $247 or $267 but you'll be grandfathered into this $197 monthly investment till you decide to discontinue your membership.

This Offer Does Expire On January 22nd 

Warning... Time Is Ticking....


Registration for the Masterclass closes on Monday, January 22nd. And because I’m doing live calls every week for everyone who takes this class, I’m only going to be able to do it for the people that register before the class - meaning what I’m offering you today will not be available again after January 22nd. I can’t have someone start in the middle of the class. It wouldn’t make sense.

Our first training is going to be Tuesday, January 23rd.

We will then do live calls on Thursdays for me to answer any questions you have. 

We will do this for the 6 weeks of the masterclass and I will be able to continue to help you on our group calls we do for the BARS Inner Circle Membership as well. 

Kono Pizza Aruba

By far the best investment I've made in my business. Getting the WIFI lead capture system, e-mail marketing, texting for less then a penny per text, and my Facebook specials done for me is worth 3x more then the monthly investment of the membership to me.

Plus I've Got One More Big Bonus
For You Valued At $1,394

I'll also be shipping to you in the mail your NEW Member Welcome Kit with 4 additional trainings that are designed to start getting you the results you want right away.

This is the perfect resource to keep next to your desk as you'll be able to add all the monthly newsletters to it plus everything you'll see below!

How To Win In The Bar & Restaurant Business: 7 Steps To Lasting Success - $197 Value

This is a training I give my $10,000 a year private clients to set them up in the right frame of mind to become and feel unstoppable. This training gives you the 7 steps you must take to have long lasting success in this business.

You’ll also discover the number thing you should master that will bring wealth in every area of your life, forever.

How To Double Your Loyal Repeat Customers Without Spending A Fortune - $197 Value

As you know, our loyal repeat customers are the lifeline to our business. The more we have, the more consistent cash flow we make, and the more secure we feel.

There’s really nothing better in business then a loyal repeat customer who raves about your business and enjoys spending their money with you.

In this training I’m going to walk you through the formula I’ve been using for 7 years now to attract new customers and turn them into loyal customers with almost zero risk to your marketing dollars.

Of course giving customers a great experience in house is important. But there’s something else that’s just as important that is never talked about in our industry that can literally double the amount of loyal customers you create. You’ll know exactly how to apply this using the marketing services included in your membership!

How To Write E-mail Messages In 30 Minutes Or Less That Builds Loyalty & Creates Instant Cash Flow $500 Value

I had no choice but to add in this training because it’s perfect with all the e-mails you’ll be collecting from you WIFI system.

As I told you earlier According to Direct Marketing Association e-mail marketing averages a 4,300% ROI for small businesses in the US, yet just about every bar or restaurant owner I’ve ever talked to hasn’t come close to that average.

Why? because nobody has taught them how to write emails. They just email their specials and promotions which eventually annoys customers because they feel they are being marketed to. You don’t want that. People don’t like to be sold.

In this training I’m going to give you the 4 key elements you need to create sales surges from every email. The 5 different types of e-mails you should be sending throughout the year that builds relationship. Plus you’ll get e-mails I’ve personally used in my bars to boost sales, where you can take them and apply them to your own business and create instant cash flow.

This Training Alone Will Bring You $10,000 In Sales....Here's Proof!

If you’re to follow just this e-mail training and do one e-mail a week, you’ll generate well over $10,000 in sales over the year.

To prove it, here’s a blog post you can find on my website on how one of my clients spent 10 minutes writing an e-mail to try to boost some sales. From this one 10 minute e-mail he wrote, he sold $5,620 in gift cards, because he applied what was in this training that you’re going to get as a bonus!

Plus here's John Kelly had to say.....

John Kelly
Owner Joe & Stan's Pub & Grill - St. Paul MN

The BARS Inner Circle membership is amazing and worth every penny. For example, we've never had the best crowd for the Kentucky Derby, so we reached out to Nick for promotional and marketing ideas to make a change. After applying what he suggested we did 4x the usual sales! Just last week, we sent out a e-mail using Nick's e-mail strategies and it brought in roughly $1,400 in sales. I love the fact that I can go to Nick or to our other members for advice, opinions, suggestions when needed. AMAZING group. AMAZING value. This is a group every bar & restaurant owner should take advantage of!!
Huan Pham
Owner 3 Restaurants - Sacramento

The New Member Welcome Kit alone is worth a year of the membership! I love the step-by-step action plan that will save me thousands of dollars to learn and setup on my own. Thank you Nick. Where have you been all these years? I wish we started with your program 10 years ago.

Get Money Now - New Member
Edition Campaign - $500 Value

How To Build Your Customer List & Attract New Customers With Almost Zero Risk To Your Marketing Dollars Using Free & Paid Facebook Strategies!

This training walks you through step by step the best offers to use on Facebook when trying to get new customers in your doors, and you’ll get the exact copy I use in my posts and my ads. I’ll walk you through one of Facebook’s best kept secrets - that most owners don’t even know about and the ones that do probably have one of the biggest marketing advantages over their competition.

I’ll also show you how to automate your offers to get delivered to your customers without using a website, but a free tool that takes literally 4 minutes to set up.

Again, keep in mind, with any of these trainings you get in the new member welcome kit, if you are confused on how to do something, jump on the live calls so I can personally help you live and do this with you!

You're New Member Welcome
Kit Alone Is Worth $1394

So accept my generous bribe and become a member today and get the Automated Cash Flow Masterclass FREE! You’ll be part of a small group of high performing owners and managers that freely share valuable information that, frankly, the rest of the hospitality industry just never discovers.

Why Am I Making
This Such A No Brainer?

Why Am I Making This Such A No Brainer?

The reason I’m making this such a no brainer and giving away thousands of dollars in trainings and my personal help for just a $197 test drive of the membership is because I’m almost 100% sure, that 8 out of 10 people who join, will stay a member for a long period of time, so it’s worth it me to give as much value as I can upfront.

OK Nick, I'll Accept Your Bribe, But What Should I Expect To Happen From Here?

Glad you asked. Once you click the "I Want To Join" button, you'll enter in all your credit card information and right away you'll be taken to a page to set up a call with me or my project manager to get you all set up and answer any questions you may have.

The goal is to make this as simple as possible for you.

We will also rush ship your new member package to you in the mail which usually takes about 5 business days. You'll also be invited to our private Facebook group for members where you can start building relationships with other like minded owners / operators / managers who have SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT on their minds at all time.

You are never left alone. There's always support you can go to for questions and answers. You have me every other week to help you build your business, write emails, create new promotional offers, new long term growth strategies, figure out how to get local businesses to WANT to send you business, etc, etc.

Bottom line is if you're committed to success, this is going to be fun. If you like being around a bunch of people like you who are motivated and inspired everyday, this membership will bring you just that my friend!

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