23 Restaurant Promotions For March

By Nick FosbergJune 232024

23 Restaurant Promotions For March

Today, I’m going to cover a few promotions for March that will increase your sales and attract new customers!

The first promotional idea is on the first Friday in March, National Employee Appreciation Day.

I’ve actually got two ideas here for you.

One idea is to have a staff appreciation party and bring in a few guest bartenders and servers. You probably couldn’t do this on a Friday with it being too busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules and run this on a Sunday or Monday when it’s slower.

I’ve run this same type of promotion for the last 7 years and have done pretty well it.

What’s nice about this is the staff can invite the loyal customers up and hang out with them. Again, you’d do this on your slowest night of the week. Besides just getting your staff to get the loyal customers in the door, get them to invite their friends as well.

You can easily get an extra 20-30 people in the door on your slowest night of the week by having your staff work their “invite” magic.

Take This To
The Next Level

The other thing you can do is tie this in with other “Employees” or everyone in your area. Get on social media and let people know about this promotion and that they are welcome too since they are employees elsewhere and it’s National Employee Appreciation Day.

You could contact employers in the area to let them know about your promotion and see if they want to have an employee party. Give them some appetizer packages to sweeten the deal and get a bigger response…

Easiest Promotion For Any
Bar Or Restaurant Owner

The next promotional idea I have for you is on the 26th, Make up your own holiday day.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Any bar or restaurant can create a yearly promotion out of this. The way this works is You, the owner or manager, comes up with YOUR own holiday.

The two easiest ideas you can use would be “National Go To YOUR Bar Day or National Go To YOUR Restaurant Day.” A really easy way to create some publicity for this and gain extra exposure would be to write up a press release and get that out to the media outlets. They’re always looking for newsworthy information when it’s tied to certain holidays.


National Mom & Pop Business Owner Day

Get a mailing list of local business owners and send them a letter or postcard about this special day and that you thought it was only right to give them a great offer on this day.

You’re a small business owner, too. Show them your appreciation! They’ll love you for this!

You could get on LinkedIn, you could run Facebook ads directly to small business owners, and you could talk to your entire staff and see if they have personal relationships with small business owners. I guarantee they do!

Make This Into Something BIG!

This could also turn into a huge networking event where some great joint venture partnerships could be created!

If you want the other 20 promotional ideas for march, click the link below this video and download them for free. One that you’ll definitely want to know more about is my 10,000-dollar pot of gold giveaway.

Download it now and I’ll see you on the next episode of bar restaurant success and if you have any great ideas for March promotions or any questions, please leave your comments below.

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