By Nick Fosberg   |   January 15, 2015

Here’s What You’ll Discover By Watching This Video

  • How One Bar Owner Made $5,000 An Hour From Sending A Few E-mails
  • The Biggest Mistake Bar Restaurant Owners Are Making & Why It’s Holding Them Back From Reaching Their Goals
  • How The Fast Change In Marketing & Technology Can Effect Your Business & What To Do About It

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of Bar Owner TV. If there was one mistake bar restaurant owners make over any other mistake, it would be not taking just the slightest amount of time to sit back, forget about all the craziness going on IN the business, and instead focus on working ON their business – such as how are we going to grow our sales or how can I work less and make more money.

I have a great story to share with you today about how Todd, a bar owner I’ve never even spoken to or met, that added around $10,000 in sales to his business by taking a small amount of time to focus on building a stronger and more profitable business. I’m also going to tell you what the #1 golfer in the world can teach you about the bar restaurant business.

Here you will see a e-mail that Todd had sent me regarding a lost email, but he goes on to tell me about himself, his background, and how he took just a little bit of free information he got from me a few years back and how he added $10,000 in sales to his business from 2-3 hours work. He also mentioned he’s been in this business 20 years and that business is constantly changing.

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So how can Todd’s story help you…. let me explain.

We all get into the bar restaurant business for one goal in mind. To make enough money to have the lifestyle we want while paying other people to run our business for us so we can do what we want, when we want, and live stress free.

Yes, there are a few who get into this business because it would be “fun” and those are the ones you see closing up shop.

The best advice I can give you to reach your ultimate goal of living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in this business is to do what Todd did. Take just one day a week, one hour, away from your business, go somewhere where NOBODY is going to bother you, turn your phone off, and focus on business growth.

Become a student of marketing. In Todd’s email he says “Business is always changing and he wants to beat his competition to the punch.” I’d add in there that marketing is always changing too.

Todd mentioned he received my information a few years back but now just applied it. The lesson to this is – “better late than never.” Well it’s never too late to start focusing on the driving force of business growth – Strategic Marketing.

So how do you become a student of marketing? There’s really 2 ways. You can buy books on marketing, you can research the internet, you can go to marketing seminars. Pretty much you teach yourself.

The other way, is to find a mentor who is a student of marketing, who invests their time and money into being a more successful marketer. Who helps other business owners market their business. Put both of your minds together and you’ll come up with the fastest path to business growth.

Think about professional athletes. Lets use PGA players. Right now Rory has been the #1 golfer in the world for 62 weeks and you know what he has? A coach to make him better, to take more strokes off his game. Think about it, his coach would probably NEVER beat him in a game of golf, but Rory takes his advice and listens because he understands that there’s always room for improvement.

Same thing Todd did. He’s been in this business 20 years and he took advice from someone who knows a thing or two about marketing and promotions. But he did this because he understood that there’s always room for improvement and there’s always DIFFERENT ways to increase business that he’s never thought about.

The reality is the world is changing, the way people take in information is changing, and marketing is always changing. If you are not on top of these changes and your competition is, you’re going to struggle. If you’re not taking time to WORK ON your business, you’ll never reach the lifestyle you imagined being in this business.

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