EP 21: 5 Ways To Bring In New Business To Your Bar or Restaurant



In this episode Nick interviews Erik Shellenberger from BarMarketingBasics.com on the 5 ways to bring in new business to your bar or restaurant. This episode is specifically for bars and restaurants who are in tourists markets. If you’re not in a tourists market there’s still valuable strategies in here that can give you an advantage over your competition. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How most people are finding new bars and restaurants to go to and how to be at the top of that list
  • The Big question we all want to know – WHAT drives new business into a bar or restaurant.
  • The myths about Yelp and other review sites that could be hurting you, not helping you.
  • How to easily increase word of mouth advertising and online reviews on auto-pilot
  • The misconception about social media and why it may not mean anything to your business.

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