Announcing A Restaurant & Bar Advertising Agency That Will Guarantee To Out-Beat Your Best Ads & Promotions

We Take All The Risk. If You’re Not Happy With The Results, You Don't Pay A Penny. Not Even For The Ad Spend!

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, here is a risk free offer from Bar Restaurant Success:

We'll guarantee to bring you the highest ROI on your advertising dollars that you've ever seen.

If we don't, you won't owe us a penny for any work we've done for you. We will even refund 100% of the advertising dollars used if we don't get you the results you want.

When we do beat your past advertising returns and when you are 100% blown away, you'll only owe the agreed amount prior to taking you on as a client.

Let me ask you this...

Will your local ad reps guarantee their work? Will they create advertising for you that actually produces a positive ROI so you can focus on what you do best, providing the best experience possible for your customers?

What a dream right? Well right now you have that opportunity. An exclusive opportunity where you can only benefit. With absolute zero risk to your pocket book.

Are There Any Catches?

There are 3

1. You must have a reputable bar or restaurant that is doing average or is very successful. This isn’t for owners who are barely making it.

2. You must be able to invest at least $1,500 into your business without feeling like it's going to take food off your table. You must believe and understand that it costs money to make money.

3. You must be willing to let us use our proven advertising campaigns that have proven to bring 100's of owners around the country over a 500% return on their marketing dollars. And yes, these campaigns will fit your brand and target audience.

Who Is Bar Restaurant Success?

Bar Restaurant Success is a marketing agency that helps bar and restaurant owners take their business to the next level by applying radically different marketing & promotional strategies to their business. We over see around a half a million dollars in digital and print advertising for our clients per year. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Nick Fosberg, the president, is a bar owner himself and knows the ups and downs of the bar and restaurant business. He’s also famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar and restaurant business, without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & social media posts.

How Can We Guarantee Results?

We’re willing to guarantee results because again, we know what offers and ads make money and which ones don’t. We know what media’s to use for certain promotions and which ones not to because we specialize only in restaurant and bar ad campaigns.

But more importantly, we know what to say in our advertising to get our prospects to say “Yes, I want this offer!” and take action. Let me explain.

Why Most Owners Don’t Get The Highest ROI From Their Advertising Dollars.

Advertising has one sole purpose and that is to make a sale. Plain and simple. Your advertising is asking someone to step foot in your doors, to call and place a order, to spend money with you.

When you “ask” someone to do something, there’s only 2 ways to get them to do what you want them to do. You can force them, which isn’t any fun. Or, you can persuade them to do business with you and then let them make the decision for themselves.

Here’s The Problem...

Most owners advertising isn’t persuading. They just promote price, logo, a image, address, and maybe a “Like Us On Facebook” image. Go look on Facebook, look in the newspaper at all the ads of your competitors. You’ll see this to be true.

What Nick does is totally different then what normal bars and restaurants do which is why he’s able to get the massive results he gets for his clients. Not only does Nick’s advertising get customers in your doors with minimal cost, it also builds instant trust, credibility, and relationship with your customer which is critical for life time value of that customer.

How Have Our Clients Done?

We wish we could say we hit a home run every time, but of course we can’t. But, we’ve proven to generate some of the highest grossing advertising campaigns in the industry with the least amount of effort and advertising dollars. Here’s a few:

“In just 10 days we had 494 people sign up to book parties from just one strategy Nick created for us. The end results, give or take $5k was $59,625 and this brought in just about 4,000 customers - at least half were new customers!” Kevin Munz, owner of Cullen’s Steak House in Houston, TX

“I mailed Nick’s letter to book parties to 400 people. It cost me around $400 in print and postage. The total sales brought in from this promotion was $29,250!” Diane Bee from Wilson WI. Wilson Nightclub

“Nick’s 3 step e-mail campaign he gave us brought us between $10,000-$12,000 in additional sales. Zero marketing costs.” Terry, Owner Scotland Yard Pub, Rochester, NY

“Nick gave us a 3 step e-mail campaign to run that was designed to get smaller groups of people in our doors and after he sent them out for us, it brought us around $13,125 in additional sales over a 5 week time period. We saw around 875 people walk through our doors, just from this!” Jason Walker, Owner Riverview Raw Bar & Chill, Charlotte, NC

Nick's done for you marketing & promotional services has far exceeded my expectations. In the first 7 days his automated systems have attracted 846 customers to take action on our first offer and within the first 2 weeks we've seen 518 customers use these offers, in which they brought 2-3 others with them on their visit. After the first two weeks of launching Nick’s marketing system I have seen over $6,000 in sales brought in directly from using the system while only spending $400 on marketing!

I've been in the restaurant business 25 years and I've yet to find a customer generating solution like this that takes all the guess work out of marketing, but more importantly, having it all done for me, so I can focus on my staff and in house operations. Matt Woeful, Owner/Operator Ground Round Grill & Bar, Waconia MN

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