By Nick Fosberg   |   August 1, 2012

If you own a bar, you have plenty of opportunities to make a name for yourself, and work with other companies to get ahead of the game. Much of this involves developing a connection with other local merchants. Ample opportunities definitely exist to work with one another, and develop ideas that can benefit both or your establishments. Here’s a look at some.

Why Should Bar Owners Work with Other Businesses?

From fundraising to co-hosting or sponsoring events that attract substantial crowds, as a bar owner, you can easily create relationships with other businesses, and increase your customer volume as well.
Think of the film Miracle on 34th Street, where Santa tells the customers at Macy’s that the product they want is out of stock, but they can get it at Gimbels. This starts a chain reaction where the two department stores both work together and see an increase in profits and a showing of goodwill.

Ideas for Bar Owners

Connecting with a local organization or nonprofit that helps people is one way to draw people to your bar. Let’s say that you want to hold a fundraising event to benefit an organization that helps the homeless, with proceeds going to that charity. Here you have the opportunity to get your name out, and possibly gather some great press. People will know that you’re an establishment that works with the community. You can offer special deals on drinks and food (if you serve food), as well as a variety of other perks, including a portion of the profits going to the charity involved.
If your bar is also a microbrewery, you may want to offer samples of your beers to local events, such as music festivals (which always draw big crowds) or even area restaurants. If the customers like the beer, they’re bound to seek out your bar.

If your bar is geared towards it, you can also offer to host some bands during your city or town’s local music festivals. Even if you don’t want live music at your bar all the time, you may want to consider these special occasions, simply because of the profit and notoriety you’ll receive.

Another option would be to create a joint venture with a local tanning or nail salon, where they can hand out certificates or coupons to their clients for free dinner or drinks at your bar. In return, you can post signs or have small postcards available in the ladies room promoting the salon and whatever deals they may have to offer.

Say a new restaurant opens up down the street, you could promote a temporary deal with them, where your customers get 10% off dinner at the restaurant, and in exchange, their customers get a discount on drinks at your bar.

If you’re involved in your local Chamber of Commerce, offer your bar as venue to host chamber events, such as social mixers; think of all the businesses that you can reach out to and work with in the future, simply by offering your space.

Not only will these organizations be impressed, but other businesses may jump at the chance to work with you (and say to themselves “why didn’t I think of that?”), as they go on to partner with you for future ventures.

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