Need to increase your sales? Pick up a slow night? Do you feel stuck in your business and you know you need some guidance, profitable promotions, powerful marketing strategies, to take your business to the next level?

Just One Idea Can Literally Put Ten’s Of Thousands Of Dollars In Your Register Over The Course Of A Few Months.

Nick FosbergThere’s no better or easier way to take your profits to the next level then by working with a mentor or coach. Think about all the NFL & NBA players. Why do they have coaches when they are the BEST in the world? To get better! To take them to the next level!

There’s always another level of success. There’s always a way to improve. Nobody is perfect, nor do they run the perfect business.

Every successful entrepreneur & CEO has been molded by a coach or a mentor. There’s no denying that. Trump, Buffet, etc, etc, all had mentors and coaches and now have advisors who work with them to brainstorm & mastermind together. Why? Because they understand the value of other people’s expertise and opinions.

It wasn’t until I finally reached out to a marketing coach for help that doubled my bar business. Yea, I was buying marketing books and courses…. learning a lot, but I was getting information overload. I didn’t know where to start! I was lost.

That’s what a coach or mentor does. Provides you with the easiest, fastest, most profitable solutions to take you from where you are to where you WANT to be in your business.

Why take the long pain staking route, learning through trial and error, when you can reach your goals much faster for a hell of a lot less money?

If you’ve read my testimonials or watched my video testimonials then you know that I’ve added $60k in sales and 2,000 brand new customers for one client within 90 days, another $30k in sales within 90 days from a $300 marketing campaign, and several other great success stories.

Am I saying I can provide you with the same exact results from one phone call? Hell no! But what I can do is get you to where you really want to be in your business much faster without risking thousands of dollars on wasteful marketing strategies and without you having to research and learn all the new marketing media’s that are available.

Monthly Coaching / Mentoring Packages


Option 1:  $500 Per Month

Includes (1) 45 Minute Private Phone Consultation

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Option 2:  $750 Per Month

Includes (1) 45 Minute  Private Phone Consultation & Private E-mail Access Mon-Fri

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Who These Mentoring Packages Are For

  • Owners / operators who are actually going to implement the profitable solutions and strategies that are given to you in a simple step by step format.
  • Owners / operators who understand it costs money to make money.
  • Owners who are willing to be open minded and willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to try the newest and most profitable strategies available.

$500 For 45 Minutes Of Your Time?  Are You Frickin Kidding Me!?

No! $500 is actually cheap when you consider me helping you…

  • Create a promotion that will bring you an extra $500 or more per night week after week
  • Save you hundreds of dollars a month on wasteful marketing that isn’t getting any kind of return
  • Show you how to double, even triple the response of your marketing dollars by making a few simple changes in the way you market your business
  • Show you the most profitable way to get new customers in your door and turn them into loyal regulars.

And $500 a month to have access to me, to get your direct questions answered, throughout the whole month is a steal.

If you’re not in the position to spend this kind of money, I don’t want you to. Get my free 312 New Customer Case Study. This will get you off to a fast start to attracting new customers without risking any of your own marketing dollars.