guides-featureThe Fastest & Easiest Way To Doubling Your Loyal Regulars, Dominating Your Competition, And Increasing Your Profits. I handle 90% of the work for you and I provide you with a simple mapped out plan to follow. I make this so easy that an owner can pass this off to a manager or GM to implement.

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Licensed LRVO Marketing & Promotional Formula And Monthly Consulting Overview

Investment: $1,000 Down & $500 Per Month w/ 100% Money Back Guarantee

 Phase 1 – First 60 Days 

Get 750-1,000 People Into Your LRVO Formula & Create A Highly Profitable Weekly Promotion To Increase Sales & Offset Your Monthly Investment!

First We Build A LRVO Marketing & Promotional System For You Which Includes….

  • Creation Of Valuable Lead Magnet Offer – Used to attract your perfect customer & get them to hand over their personal contact information in exchange for your offer.
  • 3 Page Lead Capture Website & Design – Used to market your lead capture offer online, capture their information, and put them through the LRVO formula. We will promote this site using FREE viral marketing internet strategies, e-mail marketing, and Facebook PPC ads based on your desired budget.
  • Internal Website – Used to have your staff add new customers into your LRVO marketing & promotional formula from in house lead capture marketing.
  • Automated Follow Up Survey – Used to segment your list to provide you with a higher ROI for future promotions & to show your new customers you CARE about their wants and desires. (Very Important Strategy)
  • Referral Marketing System – Used to get every person who opts in for your lead magnet to share your offer with their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus
  • New Customer 2 Loyal Customer Follow Up System – Includes 2 direct mail sales letters that offers a Profit Maximizer designed to increase your sales and build the relationship with your new customer
  • Monthly Direct Mail Offer – Used to stay in consistent communication with your list, provide value, and keep them up to date with new promotions and specials without begging for their money like most other owners do
  • Create A Weekly Promotion & Marketing Plan To Pick Up A Slow Night Of The Week That Will Drive In An Extra 20-40 Extra People Each Night – This is designed to start increasing sales right away and to offset your monthly investment while we build your list in house and online. After list is built we move to Phase 2, Customer Return Path Marketing. Where the BIG & EASY MONEY is made in this business.


Important…Only If You Do Currently Have A Responsive Customer List!

If you already have a customer list built and you keep in consistent communication with your list, then we will not solely focus on list building or building out the LRVO formula to start. We will look at what you’re doing now to acquire new leads and how we can increase the conversions. We will also look at your follow up process after your new lead enters into your marketing funnel to see how we can make it more profitable & allow you to stand out unlike anyone else in your market, which in the end, gives you the ultimate advantage.

From here we will focus on the creating profitable promotions & profit maximizers within the Customer Return path to start creating big pay days for you. Phase 2 of the LRVO formula.

Every client’s wants and desires I work with are different. So my goal is to find out where you are in your business and where you want to be. From here, I will provide you with the best strategic marketing & promotional road map to get you to where you want to be in your business. That’s a promise!


Phase 2 – 60 Days Later & Beyond

 Skyrocket Your ROI With The Customer Return Path & Focusing On Getting Large Groups Into Your Bar 

After 60 days of list building, getting your staff on board, and focusing on the new promotion we created for you, we focus on using your list to create BIG pay days like Mark, Diane, Kevin & other past clients. The way we will do this is by creating promotions that drive in large groups of people & create a on going birthday follow up sequence that will get people to WANT to have their party at your bar / restaurant.

What’s Included

  • Birthday Follow Sequence- We will create a party package offer that gets your list to WANT to have their birthday at your bar. I will write a direct mail sales letter & e-mail that is automatically delivered to your customers 30-45 days before their birthday.
  • $60k Facebook Party Booking Promotion- I’m going to create the same exact party booking promotion for you that generated $60,000 in sales & 2,000 brand new customers for Kevin Munz from Cullen’s. Again, the only way he did this was because we had a RESPONSIVE list of customers who LIKED, TRUSTED, & WANTED to do business with Kevin.

This includes a lead capture website to generate leads of people who WANT to have their party at your bar and a follow up system for you or a manger to call each person to book the party. I will also handle promoting this for you on Facebook with PPC ads and create a e-mail & direct mail letter to send to your list that sells them on WHY they should take advantage of our amazing offer and the benefits of doing it with you over anyone else.

You’ll also receive a training on how to get your staff to promote this for you on Facebook by creating an event within their friends page and inviting their friends to the event. This isn’t an event at your bar, it’s really a personal invite to sign up to get your party package offer which leads them to the lead capture site.

Important: This $60k Facebook promotion isn’t something you do every month. You’ll burn people out and it won’t be as exclusive. It will lose VALUE. This is something you want to run every 6 months. Two times a year.

However, when you run this promotion, you’ll be setting up parties booked 2-4 months out in advance so keep that in mind. Either way, you won’t find a more profitable promotion then this guaranteed!


Could You Use This Extra Income?

If you have 1,000 people in your list and you divide that by 12 months, that’s an average of 80 people per month going through the birthday sequence. If you book just 10% of the 80 people, that’s 8 parties. If each party averages 30 people and the check average is $20, you’re looking at $600 in sales per party or $4,800 in extra sales PER MONTH.

These are just made up numbers. I don’t know your check average but the 10% is not uncommon, it’s actually low, considering you have a reputable bar with a party package offer that out-beats your competition, and that’s delivered to customers who WANT to do business with you.


A list of 2,000 is 160 people per month going through this cycle. This should show you that the bigger the list the more money you will make with the customer return path. SO DON’T EVER STOP FOCUSING ON BUILDING YOUR LIST…EVER!

Eventually you’ll get to the point where your phone is ringing every week with party bookings all throughout the week with no effort on your part.


What’s The Real Value Of Everything Included In Phase 2?

I’d say at least $50,000-$75,000 minimum per year. That’s NO BULLSHIT & that’s being VERY conservative. When you’re able to bring in large groups of people into your bar, consistently, making your bar “The Place” to have parties, you have the easiest and most profitable way to make money in this business.

I call it the “Lazy Way To Riches” in this business. You do all the hard work up front, generating the list, developing the relationship with the list, and then all that hard work pays off when you can systematize a party booking process & continue to provide value & consistent communication with your list that turns them into loyal repeat customers.

Not only will you create big pay days with parties, but you’ll get thousands of new customers in your doors from the people booking parties and INVITING their guests to your bar for THEIR party. They do all the marketing for you! With no expense to you.

After people wake up the next morning, look back at the great time they had that night, they will start thinking “I should have my party there! What a great night!” So you’ll book even more parties and events from the people who are their and have enjoyed a good night out. (That is if you provide them with food food, great service, and a fun atmosphere.)

Services Included Within The Licensed LRVO Marketing &
Promotional Formula And Monthly Consulting Package

My goal for you is to focus on what’s going on IN your business: Customer service, in house marketing, employee dedication, ordering, promotions, monitoring the competition, etc, etc. I don’t want to stock pile a bunch of work on you and have you lose focus and get frustrated. I’m here to make your life easier, less stressful, and more profitable. The way I can do that is by taking work off your shoulders, while increasing your profits.

Done For You Direct Mail

We will have our partnered direct mail center handle all direct mail marketing that is implemented within the LRVO formula. Postage / materials are extra. Price will depend on the mailers you agree on. Please keep in mind, these mailings will be going to people who personally gave you their info & who WANT to do business with you.

If you’re thinking to yourself “This is going to cost a lot or I tried direct mail and it doesn’t work!” please get over this fear because you haven’t used direct mail or sales letters the way I use them.


One Of My Favorite Quotes Of All Time 

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Bill Cosby


Proven Facts You Need To Know About Direct Mail!

1.  50% of consumers pay more attention to U.S. postal mail than email (Epsilon). That means, if you only email your sales messages, you may miss out on HALF your response — money left on the table for your competitors

2.   26% of consumers rank direct mail as more trustworthy than email (Epsilon).

3.  60% of consumers say they enjoy receiving mail … while 65% say they get too many emails (Epsilon). Reading email is a chore. Getting interesting letters in the mail is a pleasure.  Which way do you think your prospects want to hear from you?

4.  The typical American household gets only one personal letter every 60 days or so (USPS/Associated Press). Hmmm … do you think that might give your personalized letters an advantage?

5.  Google uses direct mail to sell its online advertising. Think: Why does Google, a $236-billion gorilla on the Internet, rely on direct mail for it’s income?


E-mail Marketing

$50 Monthly Value

Anytime you want to send out a e-mail, send over the information and we will get it out for you within 24 hours.

Monthly Facebook PPC Ad Campaigns

$500 Monthly Value

  • Competition User ID Gathering- We will go to your top 3 competitors Facebook pages and extract every person who “Likes” their page & create a custom audience within your Facebook ad account… Why? Because we are going to target these people with offers & promotions on Facebook. Because these people are HIGHLY profitable people to market to! They wouldn’t be “Liking” your competitions page if they didn’t like going out to eat or drink, would they? Do you waste time on things you DON’T like? Yea…Me neither!
  • Custom Audience Based On Your Perfect Customer – We will create a custom audience that we both agree on, that we believe is the best target market to go after for your lead magnet offer and get them into the custom marketing funnel we create.
  • Set Up PPC Ad Campaigns For Lead Magnet – We will create a on going Pay Per Click marketing campaign, based on your marketing budget, to target all the custom audiences above in order to get them into your LRVO marketing & promotional formula. (Our main goal – get as many qualified leads as we can through this funnel in order to make phase 2 and beyond highly profitable for you.)

Website Maintenance / Hosting / & Database Management

$67 Monthly Value

  • Your websites will all be hosted on our servers and there is no extra charge for this.
  • Your customer database will be kept within our servers and maintained. Every day you will be emailed any new leads that come through the marketing funnel from Facebook PPC ads or viral marketing features.

On Going Support & Consulting Package

$1,000 Monthly Value

This is the most valuable component if you’re accepted as a “Dream Client” because you’re going to get my personal guidance and support to help you get from where you are now in your business to where you want to be. There’s no guessing, there’s no wondering, there’s no procrastination! We get to work and make money!

We set goals and we accomplish them! I provide you with the best marketing and promotional advice you can get. Besides my team and I building out the LRVO formula and everything else that is included, the on going support is what’s going to take your business to the next level (AS LONG AS YOU IMPLEMENT WHAT’S NEEDED TO BE DONE On Your End.)

Phase One Support – First 60 Days 

  • (4) 30min Phone Consultations Per Month. (1 Every Week)
  • E-mail access Mon-Fri.
  • (2) 911 Emergency Calls – Used if you really need to get a hold of me about something important that can’t wait!!!! (I never want you to feel stranded without my guidance and that’s what these calls are for)

Phase Two Support – 60 Days & Beyond

  • (1) 45 Min Phone Consultation Per Month – Used for us to MASTERMIND together. Create new promotions, marketing strategies, upsells, etc, etc. These calls can be used any way you want.
  • E-mail access Mon-Fri, one E-mail answered per day.
  • Private Client only E-mails, direct mail packages, & trainings from me for new monthly promotions and marketing strategies. Each month I will continue to provide you and all other clients with examples of marketing strategies & promotional ideas that you can swipe & deploy into your business.

What’s Not Included In This Package 

  • Printing costs, Postage, Facebook PPC Ads
  • Any new promotions, copy writing, websites, or marketing strategies we discuss AFTER 60 days during our monthly consultations is solely up to you to create or hire out. Of course you can outsource the tasks to me and my team if needed.

My goal through the monthly consultations and on going support is to get you to the point of becoming a strategic marketer. To know how to create offers that get results. To know how and what to say in a e-mail, a letter, an ad, that brings customers through your doors. This is a skill every bar owner MUST master and I’m going to make this easy for you.

Being able to use the written word to market your business is the most profitable skill you can ever have. You’ll see exactly what I mean once we reach Phase 2!

What’s Expected Of You

  • I need you to put at least 2 hours aside each week to focus on the goals we create
  • I need you to get your staff on board to help with a few social media marketing strategies.
  • Don’t miss or change our planned phone consultations within the first 60 days. These will be set up weeks in advance to best fit your schedule.
  • Stay focused & motivated and think positive. Put our goals and tasks first.

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Not Seeing The True Value Of This Opportunity. Not Taking Action Can You Lead You To More Unseen Profits Then You’ve Ever Imagined.

If you are dedicated and motivated to put this plan into action and you BELIEVE in it…. and you believe in yourself and in me…..this opportunity will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for you over time. Yea this sounds like a bunch of hype, I hear you, but numbers & mathematics DON’T lie…

In my LRVO report & video series,  you’ve read or watched the case studies of past clients of mine, $60k in 90 days, 30k in 90 days, 50k in 6 months, etc, etc. Think about that over a year, two years, ten years. This is why I say the opportunity of working with me personally can be worth 100k or more over time.

My first marketing coach, who gave me the ONE idea to focus on booking parties with my list has brought me well over $300,000 in extra sales since I started working with him. That’s just one idea. That one idea brought Cullen’s 60k & 2,000 brand new customers the first time I ran this for Kevin, the owner….. Who knows how much he will continue to make throughout his career from this one idea!!

My point is…. just a few simple ideas that are put into ACTION can create massive breakthroughs in your business. If you’ve had a hard time over the past few months, even years, coming up with breakthrough ideas, then it’s time to do something about it. If you’ve had great ideas, but never put them into action, then it shows you need someone to push you and guide you just as I did.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky


What You’re Really Investing In….

This opportunity isn’t just about having a website and a marketing automation system built for you that produces consistent profits. This isn’t about e-mail marketing or Facebook marketing. Yes, that’s included, but that’s not where the real value is. I mean you can hire thousands of people to build websites, to run e-mail campaigns, to do your Facebook ads, etc, etc. Building a list of customers / getting in house sign ups isn’t rocket science either. ANYONE can do that!

However, there’s nobody else in this industry that knows how to get a better ROI on YOUR marketing dollars, bring you more NEW paying customers, build long lasting relationships with new customers, and create BIG pay days with successful promotions that cost very little to market then me in a short amount of time.

I’m not trying to be cocky or arrogant but I’m great at what I do…. And that’s because of the time, effort, and investment I put into knowing everything I can about marketing & promotions. I continue to spend at least 25k a year on my own marketing education. I consistently work with owners all around the country who I get new ideas from, and I still have 2 mentors I work with to this day at $1,000 each per month, and I’m happy to pay that!

Why? Because I know the real value of having someone I can go to for help, ideas, brainstorming, etc, etc. Again, just one new idea can lead to several thousands of dollars over time. By having someone help you set goals and achieve them can bring you several thousands of dollars over time.

Are there any other consultants in the industry doing this? I don’t know but I highly doubt it. Are there any other consultants out there GUARANTEEING success or YOUR MONEY BACK? Not that I know of. Are there any other consultants with a proven track record and video testimonials with results like mine? I sure as hell haven’t seen any!

The Truth Is…..

What you’re really investing in is a on going relationship with me, the ONLY RISK FREE OPPORTUNITY you have that will make your life easier, less stressful, and more profitable. You’re investing into the fastest & most profitable way to get you from where you are in your business now to where you really want to be.

You’re investing into your future. You’re investing into your business…And not only into your business but into yourself as a entrepreneur.

If you were to try to create this LRVO formula yourself, if you were to buy books / courses on marketing and copywriting, it would several months, maybe even years to get a profitable system working. You’d have to go through all the trial and error I did…. And most who do try on their own, get too frustrated and NEVER end up seeing any results at all.

So you can spend several months and thousands of dollars doing all this on your own, or for $1,000 down and $500 a month you can have just about everything done for you, my support and guidance to keep you on track, and I’ll help you create breakthrough opportunities within your business you never thought were possible.

What If You Don’t Get The Results You Say  I Will & I Want
My Money Back & You Don’t Do Give It Back?

Great question & I understand your concerns. If that were to happen, here’s how you can DESTROY my consulting business and my reputation within the industry. Contact Nightclub & Bar,  who I do a lot of advertising with, and let them know I “scammed” you and it’s important for the industry to know I’m full of shit and not a man of my word!

After you do this, get ahold of  Bar Business Magazine, and tell them the same thing!

Do you really think I’d risk my reputation and business for $500-$1,000? If so, stop reading!!

With that said….

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level Without Risking A Penny Of Your Money & Be Able To Take More Time Off To Do The Things You Enjoy & Take A Bunch Of Stress Off Your Shoulders?

Then lets make it happen and work together as a team.

Go To Today & Fill Out The Coaching Application Or E-mail Me At Nick@BarOwner.TV If You Have Any Questions!