By Nick Fosberg   |   October 10, 2017

Today I’ve got the perfect sports bar marketing idea for you. However, even if you’re not a sports bar, you can run this promotion in any bar or restaurant.

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November 19th is considered to be “National Men’s Day” and this gives sports bars especially, the best opportunity to get groups of guys in their doors. Here’s how to set up this promotion.

First think about your target audience. Think about your current customers. What kind of discount or special could you come up with that provides value to your customers, but also makes you a profit. More importantly, how can you create this promotion around bringing in a group of 4-8 guys?

A few things you could do is give a percentage off on tabs, free appetizer package for a group of four, or maybe 1/2 off food. Then you’d want to make sure you tied some restrictions to this to make sure you attract the right customers, not the ones who are just looking for a handout.

One the of the best ways to promote this would be to run Facebook ads, targeting men in your area, who buy beer or liquor on their debit and credit cards, and who have an interest in bars and restaurants in your area.

Your ad would simply state your offer and create urgency. Saying this is only available to “x” amount of people due to the massive value you’re giving way. Then you leave a call to action to either message you through Facebook directly to get their incentive or you leave a person’s name and phone number to call to get their party booked or whatever it is you are doing.

If you really want to boost the response of this promotion, you need to make sure you hit the emotional triggers that gets guys to respond. What do I mean by this? Within your marketing you need to make sure you tell them WHY they need to take advantage of this. You need to paint a picture in their head of how fun this will be.

For example you could say “When is the last time you had a fun night out with the guys? Has it been a while? Well listen, its national men’s day on the 19th and you’ve got every reason to make this happen and catch up with your buddies!

Something simple like this gets them thinking to themselves, “You know what, you’re right! I do deserve a night out with the guys and National Men’s Day is the perfect excuse to make this happen!

In conclusion, when it comes to promotions and marketing you have to target the right people with the right message at the right time. People sometimes need an excuse to take action. If you want to get groups of guys into your bar or restaurant, you’ve got the perfect sales message to hit them with that will justify their reasoning to take action.

Some owners forget that we are really in the marketing and sales business. Our goal to to persuade new and existing customers to come in for promotions. Just slapping your prices and specials on Facebook isn’t going to do you any good. Dive deeper into WHY they should take you up on your offer and create offers that provide value to them while still bringing you a profit.

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