By Nick Fosberg   |   October 9, 2013

Hello and welcome to bar owner tv. Today I want to share with you the most profitable and powerful way to attract brand new customers into your doors. A way where you ONLY pay when someone responds to your marketing. A strategy that I can guarantee your competition isn’t using or probably doesn’t know about.

I always ask this question because it’s something you can relate to and understand, but if your advertising sales rep walked into your office today and said ТAs of today, you can run as many ads that you want and we are not going to charge you anything up front. We just expect to get paid twenty cents to a dollar for each person that responds to your marketing from the ads that we run. Would you do it?

Of course right. I mean you’re only paying for guaranteed results at twenty cents to a dollar per person.

Wouldn’t you feel ten times better only paying for guaranteed results rather then forking out $500-$1,000 or more to run ads with your local ad rep and not knowing what the outcome will be. This would be a dream to all bar owners wouldn’t?

Well I’m here to tell you that this dream can come true to today.

What I’m talking about is Facebook pay per click ads. Not the boost your post method where you pay $20 or more to get your message seen by 5-10 thousand people. If you are using the boost your post method, STOP! You’re wasting your money and I’ll prove to you why in a minute.

Not only is Facebook pay per click ads the most cost effective and safest marketing investment you can make, but it’s extremely powerful because you can target the exact type of customer you want to target.

You can target new customers based on age, gender, income, what kind of car they drive, if they are single or married, and BEST of all…this is important so listen up…you can target people based on whether or not they go to bars or restaurants.

How would you like to market ONLY to people who have disposable income and who have a interest in going to bars and restaurants….But better yet…how would you like to ONLY pay $1 or less for each customer like that who takes you up on your offer?

Here is proof in yellow of a few ads I just tested for our country night and our new $5 lunch menu. You’ll see here at the top the cost per action, twenty two cents per action. This also shows how many actions which is 322. That means 322 people had interest in my offer, at my bar, and they clicked the ad to get more information. $70 is the total amount I spent for 322 targeted people!

I targeted people who liked country music! So instead of me paying $70 per 30 second ad on my local radio country music station, I targeted people within 5 miles of my bar who liked country music and who had a interest in going to bars.

You can’t do this at this price with any other marketing media. This won’t just cut your marketing costs way down but it will deliver you the best return on your marketing dollars.

Listen closely now because this is very important for you to understand. People who don’t click on your ad still see’s your logo, your offer, or your promotions, and you DON’T pay for that. You’ll get massive amounts of exposure for free because you are ONLY paying when people take action on your ads.

Again, the only way someone will click on your add is if your offer is something they want and if they have interest in going to your bar. So for twenty cents to a dollar you are getting nearly 100% pure qualified people who WANT to come to your business otherwise they wouldn’t waste their time clicking on your ad.

Over the last 4 years I’ve been working with bar restaurant owners all over the country and I’ve seen hundreds of different ways owners market their business and the offers they make to get people into their doors. Facebook pay per clicks are by far the most profitable and safest marketing investment you can make.

In my new Bar Restaurant Business Manifesto webinar, I reveal the simple formula for using these Facebook pay per click ads to attract more new customers into your bar or restaurant then anything else you’ve ever done. I know youХre a busy person but watching this 45 minute presentation will be the most profitable task you can do this week. Make this a priority. You’ll be glad you did.

Nick Fosberg

Nick Fosberg is known as one of the highest paid, marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and he owns 2 bar / restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business..... without spending a penny on marketing. All done through e-mail & Facebook posts. 

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