Valentine’s Day Bar Promotion: Diamond Giveaway

By Nick FosbergJune 232024

If you’re looking to attract more women into your bar, then I’ve got your answer. Today I’m going to reveal the Valentine’s Day bar promotion that gets almost every woman’s attention in your area. I know that’s quite a big statement, but I think you’ll agree with me in just a few minutes.

Valentine’s Day Bar Promotion:
The Ultimate Diamond Giveaway

Today I’m going to tell you how to run a diamond giveaway contest for your bar or even your restaurant.

10146691974_c1ab1b0d8d_mFirst you’ll want to partner up with a local jewelry store who is going to supply the diamonds. This could be earrings, a necklace, or maybe a ring.

The question you might be asking yourself is “Why would a jewelry store supply this to you for your promotion for free?” I’ll explain in just a second, but keep in mind, this isn’t just your promotion. It’s theirs too, but you both benefit.

How This Promotion Works

The way the promotion works is you run this online using social media and e-mail and you drive women to what is called a lead capture page. A one page website that asks for their contact information in order to win something or receive some type of value.

On this site, this is where you’d inform people about your promotion with the jewelry store and how to win. To get the most signs ups, a strategy I like to use is to make everyone a guaranteed winner by giving them some kind of offer to my bar. This way people feel they are still getting some kind of value for taking the time to fill in their information.

This would be up to you but you could either make this where they have to be present to win on Valentine’s Day or not.

What You Must Think About….

If you make it that they have to be at your restaurant or bar, what if these people already have plans elsewhere? They are not going to sign up. The idea here isn’t about being busy just on one day out of the year, but to build a massive list of customers that you can continue to market to over and over throughout the following months to make the most amount of profit.

Don’t Make Them Have
To Be Present To Win!

So my advice is don’t make it present to win and instead right after they sign up, send them a thank you email and tell them about what you have going on Valentine’s Day. Let them know about your specials and why they should visit you.

Why Would A Jeweler
Partner With You?

Now let’s talk about why a jewelry store will give you $1,000 or more in retail diamond jewelry. First let me say, if your partner sees zero value in this partnership, they won’t do
They need to feel that the money they invest is far greater than the return they should expect. Here’s how I would do this.

First I’d tell them the amount of exposure they should expect with this promotion. I would personally use a video ad on Facebook about this because we can target women who like jewelry for .02 to .03 per video view, which means we can get a ton of exposure for just a few hundred bucks.

I’d tell them that the winner of the contest would have to come into their store to get their prize so this gives them an opportunity to up-sell them or add in other items to their sale.

Give Them Multiple Ways To Profit!

I’d give my partner the opportunity to send a few follow-up e-mails to the sign-ups for discounts and offers to get them in the door too. This way they can have their own solo message going these women with a chance to boost their sales.

I don’t know what the average sale is in a jewelry store but if you can show the jewelry partner that they could potentially get back 2 to 3 times their investment, this is a no-brainer for them. Now this is important to getting this partnership in place, you must explain the value to them of people who sign up.

These are clearly women who are raising their hand saying “I like and want diamond jewelry.” If you got 1,000 women to sign up and you just get 1%, 10 women to buy something from the follow-up e-mails that are put in place, that could easily be another 10k to 20k or more in sales for the owner. This is what’s going to excite them.

Quick Recap

You find a jewelry partner, tell him about your idea, build up the value that is in it for them and ask if there is anything they’d like to add. You then put up a page on your website where you promote the giveaway where you collect their name and email and cell phone to sign up. Make everyone a winner by giving them some type of offer to your bar or restaurant. This offer could be on Valentine’s Day or it could be within the next 7 days to drive them in fast.

From here is where you’d want to focus on the backend strategy. How can you use this list of women for other promotions and offers over the next several months? What else can you offer them to get them in your doors.

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