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Attention Bar & Restaurant Owners.....

For Every $100 You Invest In Advertising, I Will Guarantee You A Minimum Of $500 Back In NEW Sales, Or Your Money Back Guaranteed!

If you're already thinking... "Too good to be true!" or "What's the catch?" Hold that thought.

I’m not here to mislead you. I value your time and am here to offer you what every bar & restaurant owner wants: more customers & more revenues WITHOUT risking their own money.

As times change, so does the way our industry works. And now, there's finally a NEW way to advertise your business that will give you one of the biggest advantages over your competition. More on that in a second. 

Imagine This....

...your local newspaper or radio station rep walks in your doors and tells you.. 

“We’ve completely revolutionized the way we help you increase your revenue. Instead of you taking the financial risk to growing your business, running ads, and not knowing the outcome, we take on the risk and hard work for you!

The way we now do this is we will guarantee you a minimum of $500 back in sales for every $100 you spend, which turns out to a guaranteed minimum 500% ROI, meaning you can’t lose. You have zero financial risk and total upside. ”

Think about that for a second.

If this was real life, wouldn’t this be one of the best things that could ever happen to you, your business, your future, your security? Of course. You'd practically have unlimited marketing power with zero risk to your pocket book and you'd spend as much as you could on advertising. 

And then what would happen?

All that extra marketing power puts you in front of thousands of more people … people that walk in your door & spend money!!

The bad thing is, local ad reps, Facebook, or anyone else, will NEVER do this.

The good thing is….. I will.

Let me explain why & how I do this. But first, let me introduce myself because it will make everything you’re about to read crystal clear.

Who I Am:

Hey I’m Nick Fosberg and am a restaurant & bar owner myself.

For the past 7 years I’ve also been President & CEO of Bar Restaurant Success.

Like you, I know how it feels to waste thousands of dollars on advertising with no measurable results. In fact I almost lost my first bar within 8 months of taking ownership due to lack of revenue.

After becoming a marketing “junkie”, reading everything top operations in our space were doing … And hiring a marketing coach to get more business through the door … I found an easier, faster and practically RISK FREE way to attract and retain new paying customers. A way that all my competitors were clueless about.

These days my bar pretty much runs itself, bringing consistent cash flow week after week. 

This has allowed me to help other bar & restaurant owners increase THEIR revenues without risking their own money … using the same strategies I’ve applied to my own business.

Why would I help other restaurateurs?

It’s fun, rewarding, and helping others succeed in this competitive space is incredibly fulfilling.

Here’s Exactly How I Can Help You

Our goals are the same: long term, loyal customers. To achieve this, everything starts with an amazing 1st time experience, right?

The way I create that one-of-a-kind experience is by creating promotions for clients that get new customers in the door AND GUARANTEE a minimum 500% ROI on their marketing dollar …

....While doing 95% of the work for them.

When you see the results, it’s my hope you’ll want to continue working with me …

Because when that happens, I can continue helping you make more money with LESS effort so you can enjoy more quality time outside your business.

Exclusive 500% - Money Back Guarantee

For a starting fee of just $500 - much less than what most restaurants / bars are spending monthly on ads - you’re GUARANTEED a minimum of $2500 in NEW BUSINESS you never would have had.

My team and I create your promotion, do ALL the marketing …

All you do is what you do best: take care of customers walking thru the doors.

Think of this as our ‘first date’.

Whether you get a 500% ROI or 2000% ROI, the fee is the same - a flat $500. If you don’t get AT LEAST a 500% ROI, your money back. That simple.

Think A 500% ROI Is A Little Far Fetched? It's Not When You Have A Formula That Works Over & Over....

Here’s Why I Can CONFIDENTLY Guarantee You A 500% ROI - Something NO ONE Else In The Industry Can Offer:

This Proven, Repeatable Formula Has Worked Time & Again For Owners Just Like You ...

283 Offers Redeemed - Zero Ad Spend  - 14,552% ROI

In 3 weeks we generated $14,552.92 in NET sales with 283 offers redeemed using the VOP strategy & zero ad spend! Best promotion I've ever ran thanks to Nick! 

Michele  //  Owner Carl & Chelle's Grill Room North Carolina 

$7,150.70 In Sales - Zero Ad Cost - 7,150% ROI

In just two weeks we did $7,150.70 in sales with zero ad costs. I got more exposure from this promotion using zero money than any I have using money!

Steve  //  Owner Doc's Downtown Grille - Maryland

Almost $13,000 In 2 Short Weeks!

Hands down best promotion ever for getting new customers in your doors. The VOP strategy brought us nearly $13,000 in added revenue in just a few short weeks. My competition had no clue what we were doing!

Brendan //  Owner Tropics, West Virginia

Almost $15,000 In Sales - Customers Loves This!

I've never seen a promotion take off so quick. We saw new customers walking in within 24 hours and after 2 weeks we just about hit $15,000 in gross sales! Existing customers loved this promotion and it brought us more new customers than anything we had tried in the past.

Tim  //  Owner Eagle Creek Golf Club & Grill North Carolina

18 Days & We Added $8,502 In Sales!

This promotion brought us roughly $8,502 in sales in the first 18 days. If you've been struggling to get new customers or past customers in the doors, this is the way to go. Customers loved it!

David //  Owner Of Urbano Enchilada Taco Bar - Texas

Over 1,000 Signed Up In One Week! 

All I can say is WOW. Fast, fast, fast results. We had well over 1,000 people signing up within just a week to receive our promotion. I've been in this business well over 25 years and I have yet to see anything bring results like this. Being a busy operator, I'm glad I took the time to watch and learn from Nick or I could still be frustrated trying to increase revenue.

Chip //  Owner/Operator Rock & Roll Sushi Lousiana

592 Redemptions In 15 Days From $99.44 Ad Spend & $12,147.45 In NET Sales! 

At first I wasn't sure about working with Nick as his offer of a 500% guaranteed ROI just seemed a little far fetched, but figured I'd gamble on it and see what happened. Lets just say we didn't lose.

Nick's VOP promotion got us 592 redemptions within 15 days, with a total of $12,147.45 in NET sales. What blew me away is we only spent $99.44 on ads to get this return and we built a email list to 1,498 people in just 5 days time.

My partner who's been in the restaurant business for 35 years, who's opened over 80 locations, has NEVER seen this type of redemption rate - over 30%. Bottom line, working with Nick was amazing. Everything was streamlined and him and his team did 95% of the work for us. By far the easiest and fastest way I've ever boosted sales and new customers walking in my doors.

Brett  //  Owner Of Burger Bach - Virginia

Proven Track Record

This is just a small handful of testimonials, but do you see why I’d be so confident in a 500% ROI? 

What I’ve created is a proven recipe for attracting new customers at a profit and because I believe in it so much, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and do what every other ad agency or media company would never do - take on ALL the financial risk to help someone else increase their own revenue!

I believe if you tell someone you can grow their business and you’re 100% confident, and you don’t get them the results, you don’t deserve to keep their money. It’s not right!

However, I’ve learned who this will and will not work for.

You Must Qualify As I Can't Guarantee Every Bar & Every Restaurant In The Country..

I’m not willing to put my time or money on the line to grow just any bar or restaurant owner’s business because the truth is, this will only work for certain types of owners & establishments.

Here’s how you qualify:

  • 1
    Must have a Facebook page with good reviews
  • 2
    Must live in the United States (I can still run this for those outside the US, but can’t make the same guarantee as markets are different)
  • 3
    Must serve food
  • 4
    You must give me the ok to use a written testimonial from you about your growth and experience in working with me. Similar to what you just read above, but with your numbers and opinion.

How To Apply To Work With Me & How This Works

Step 1

Schedule a 20-minute call with me below + fill out a short application about your business. This will literally take 2 minutes.

Step 2

I personally review the application and look you up online to see your social presence and get a good feel for your business and your competitors. 

Step 3

We jump on the phone and we dive deeper into your current marketing strategy, your goals, etc. Once we know more about each other and how this all works, we both decide if we're a good fit or not.

2 Possible Outcomes From Our Call Together

Outcome #1:

We both agree to work with each other and start making you more money and getting new customers in your doors within a few business days. We then book another call after the two week promotion is over and look at your results together and determine if we want to continue working together. 

And, if we do continue to work together, I'm exclusively tied to you and will NOT work with your competition.

Outcome #2:

If we don’t believe we are a good fit, then I’ll still send you off with a few hundred dollars worth of some of my best trainings for increasing new customers walking in your doors.

So either way, you benefit and your time isn't wasted.

Are You Ready? 
Just click the book a call button below 
and pick a date and time that works for you.

But Nick, I’m So Busy I Don’t Know If I Have 20 Minutes To Even Talk About This!

If that’s the case, you don’t qualify right from the start. I'm looking for action takers who don't let procrastination get in the way. What I'm really looking for are more owners who are ready to make a change and can stop telling themselves fake narratives for why they are not making the money or have the happiness the truly want out of their business. 

What I’m offering is a way to grow your revenue doing very little work, guaranteeing to put more money in your pocket, put more new customers in your doors, and give you one of the biggest advantages you could ever have over your competition. Something no other local ad agency or any other media outlet will ever offer you, because they can’t. It’s too risky. 

Go ahead and book a call now. You either walk away from the call with a few hundred dollars worth of my best trainings or you walk away with a new opportunity to increase your revenue with less work and zero financial risk. 

$5,000 In Week One & Almost $6,000 In Week 2!

“Never did I think I could do these type of sales in such a short time from my marketing. In week one, our sales increased by a little under $5,000 and in week two they increased by nearly $6,000. Nick is absolutely amazing to work with and one of the best things is, him and his team take care of everything so I can just focus on customers walking in the door.

Peter //  Owner Gelsosomo's Pizza - Indiana

Work With Nick

If you're a bar or restaurant owner who wants more new customers in their doors, more loyal repeat customers, and more freedom from you business,  but you are struggling to make any of this happen, then what you're about to read might be the solution you've been searching for.

In just a second, I'm going to tell you exactly how start working with owners and managers and why I guarantee everyone I work with $500 back in sales for every $100 they spend on marketing, but first lets get to what's most important, YOU. 

You got into this business because you wanted to work for yourself. You wanted to make great money. It was a passion of yours to own your own bar or restaurant. You wanted freedom. 


But at this point in your life, maybe you feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate, too much to learn, in order to take your business to the next level. Are you spending too much time working IN your business vs ON your business, and because of it, it’s holding you back from what you’re really after? 

If so, you’re not alone. To be honest a lot of my past clients have felt this way at one time, but now they are making more money, having more fun, and gaining more freedom from their business.

I’ll tell you how in a second, but first I want you to really think about....

Your Future.....

What will you continue to do if you don’t increase your sales? How will all of this effect your happiness? 

What Will Your Life Look Like For The Next 3-5 Years, Or More…… 

….if you don’t figure out how to get your bar, or restaurant, making enough money to where you can hire a team to run the place for you, while still making a good living?

That’s what you envisioned for your long term success, right? To have a business that runs itself, creating a nice income for you. 

You didn’t envision owning a business that owns you, runs you, and frustrates you, did you? 

Good news is...

There is a easier, faster, less riskier way to accomplish what you want and that is your opportunity for you and I to work together. 

Before I dive into how I start working with owners and managers, let me first tell you a little bit about myself. 

I'm Just Like You...

I've grown up in the bar and restaurant business since I was in diapers. My first bar I bought from my dad almost went under after 8 months because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I got into the business for the wrong reasons. The money, the fun, etc. Wrong reasons. Should have been more about the customers and experiences I could provide.

Long story short, I became a marketing junkie, paid a marketing expert $8k for a full day consult and I said to him "Here's where I am, here's where I want to be, give me a road map to follow and I'll follow it. 8 months after working with him, I doubled my sales, doubled my loyal repeat customers, and started gaining freedom from my business so I could spend time with my wife and kids. 

A year or so later, I started Bar Restaurant Success and started helping other owners who were once stuck and frustrated like me. Over the last 7 years now, I've been asked to speak at the biggest industry events such as Nightclub & Bar in Vegas, National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, and many more. I've also written the #1 selling book Bar & Restaurant Success

With that said, I know this business. I live this business. And I'm not some big company selling "advertising" or small business marketing strategies.